Sunday, September 13, 2009

Project 365 Week ... who knows

Project 365

Here we are - it's been a while, but ....

Time for another look into the daily lives of the B family! I really have missed this fun project. I hate that I lost all those weeks of pictures, but, there's nothing I can do about that now, and at least I have the memories. BUT, for this week ... I have MORE than memories:

Monday - Is it weird that I have to color coordinate my straw with whatever receptacle I'm drinkin out of?

Tuesday - We took Hattie to meet her new teachers and see the new classroom all put together. I think she's gonna LOVE it!

Wednesday - Waitin for the bus in her kickin new shoes!

Thursday - Sophie was chasin the cats ... and I just love the effects of this pic. Try to ignore the fact that her t-shirt and PJ bottoms do not match AT ALL!

Friday - Kali likes to sleep (and hide from little girls) her day away atop the kitchen cabinets. One slight problem is that she has to walk her kitty litter laden feet across my counters to get up there! So ....

Saturday - Hubbs and I put together this rather redneck barrier along the tops of the cabinets in the hopes of keepin her down ...

... it sooooooo didn't work.

Sunday - THIS is what ya get when mama is down with a sinus infection. And, seein as how I STILL have a headache, earache and head so stuffy I can hear my heartbeat (and that's about all), it's not lookin like it's gonna get much better today.

So, how was YOUR week?!

6 of ya left some love:

sara said...

I am so glad to have you back!!!! But very sorry to hear about your sinus infection. When your head hurts, your whole body hurts!!

seriously, you have to coordinate your straw? :) what do you do when you don't have that color available?

your girls are so, so cute!! I love seeing all the pictures of them!

feel better!!.....the laundry can wait!

Kim said...

Will pray for a speedy recovery! Porbrecita!

Cats and kids, both rather intractable at times :-) Maybe it would be easier to build Kali a staircase of some sort to the top of the cabinets? :-)

Color coordinating your straws might be considered eccentric by some, quirky by others. Let's go for quirky!

Dena said...

We had a cat in our kennel office and built a ledge all the way around the top with a ramp that came down to the counter, and she loved it! I think it's funny that your blocking it didn't stop your cat. They are sneaky sometimes! :)

Becky said...

LOLO, about the straw... yes that is weird.

Yay for Hattie :-D

One of our kitties used to go on top of the cabinets too. I put packing tape inside out on sheets of paper and when she jumped on them her feet stuck and it freaked her out ... she doesn't go up there any more. ;-)

j said...

Lovin Hattie's new shoes...glad to see she is enjoying school so far and you are all off to a good start. Feel better soon...sinus infections are no fun. Missed you at church yesterday...hope to see you Thursday!

Alana said...

Loving all these pictures, that is my next goal with my blog, catch everyone up in pictures!