Saturday, September 12, 2009

Birthdays and School Days

*** WARNING: High probability of picture overload ahead!***

They say a picture paints a thousand words, so it IS possible that the following pictures could stand completely on their own ...

BUT, we all know that there's no way I'm gonna take that chance!!!

On Saturday, our sweet Sophie turned two years old (and, yes, I am still in shock over that fact - and in some instances, complete denial as well!).

Here is a glimpse at how her day went down:

Good morning sweet birthday girl!!

3:02 PM - the precise moment she turned two.

And, not long after that, the first two-year-old meltdown.

Ya KNOW we had us some cake!

Our drive (or, in this case, run) by blower. Hattie ran up and blew the candles out at LEAST 4 times!!

Gotta give the girl credit for tryin!!

Finally, Sophie gets a turn!

The day before her birthday, we welcomed two new members into our family. I think Soph thinks there were HER birthday gifts.

Here is Miss Holly

And Miss Kali - in hiding under the table.

THEN, on Tuesday, we took Hattie to a meet and greet in her brand new classroom.

In case ya cannot tell, she was mildly excited!

Sophie wanted to play school too!

Ms. Christine!

The next day was the first REAL day of school, so we HAD to make it a family affair and all go out to meet the bus together.

My big school girl!

My little WANNABE schoolgirl!

Gettin big ol bear hugs from daddy.

Silly faces (note: I did not have to make a silly face, because the sheer fact that I am allowing a picture of me without MAKE-UP is silly enough!!)

LOVE this litte girl!

Here comes the bus ... let the adventure begin!

I made her pose at the top of the steps.

And then she was off ... and gone all day long. It is a huge adjustment for everyone. Hattie seems to love the new normal so far. I miss her through the day, but I know that this is what she needs so I'm pretty OK with it. SOPHIE, on the other hand, really misses her big sis.

Good thing she has a couple of cats to torture ... er, I mean, ... to keep her busy all day!

2 of ya left some love:

Rebecca Jo said...

look at both your girls... growing up so fast... they are both just precious! And you look lovely Miss Thang... even with no makeup!!!

I love the 2 yr old pout already!
And what a big girl looking so happy to get on that bus!

angie128 said...

Love the pix! Especially the one of Hattie seeing the bus coming and the one of her getting on the bus. Precious.