Sunday, July 19, 2009

Project 365 - Weeks 25, 26 and 27

Project 365

OK, here we are in July - MID July, no less - and I have not posted a Project 365 since JUNE!!!

I am ashamed ...

So, time for some catchin up, wouldn't ya say?

June 29 - My VERY favorite part of summer ... breakin out the ice cream maker. This time it's STRAWBERRY! YUM!

June 30 - Sophie - pretending she has long flowing hair - decided she needed to spend some quality time with the fish. She even has the fish-face thing down.

July 1 - Hattie girl ... gettin her groove on.

July 2 - A rare phenomenon, rarely seen by man nor beast ... Hattie taking a NAP!!!!!

July 3 - CAUGHT YA! Jumpin on the bed ... some people's kids!

July 4 - She loved the water ... till her sister dumped a bucket of it over her head!

July 5 - Self Portrait ... I was testing to see if the new batteries worked ... and sadly, it was the only pic I took that day!

July 6 - Again, workin on the camera, iI look up to see Sophie playin with the remote. It suddenly got REALLY LOUD and she KNEW she was busted!

July 7 - I had filled the sink with soapy water to do some dishes. A breeze blew in through the open window and sent bubbles flying through the kitchen ... it was fun for a good 20 minutes and it has since become a near daily ritual to fill the sink and play with bubbles! My floors have never been cleaner!

July 8 - Tri-athalon training ... on a bike ... NOT my fave part of this whole thing ...

July 9 - Remember the one of them jumping on the bed? Well, this was the day I caught them standing in the window sill and jumping from sill to bed to floor. We promptly rearranged Hattie's room - thus cutting off window sill access... we hope!

July 10 - Hubby brought me home a flower basket for my porch table ... pretty, huh?

July 11 - This is the area of the dish rack that has been reserved for bottles ... please notice that said area is now empty. We are officailly a bottle free zone. And, to be honest, it breaks my heart just a little ...

July 12 - Hubby was driving home and noticed these pretty wild things growing along the side of the road. Being the wonderful man that he is, he stopped and picked a few for his wife.

July 13 ... yeah, she's almost two ...

July 14 - I LOVE watching them play together this way. So sweet - especially when I can go undetected long enough to get a candid shot of my girls!

July 15 - Hubbs is workin on a project ... one that will increase the oh-so-lacking storage in this house ... I cannot WAIT!

July 16 - Just a LITTLE bit proud of herself for sittin on that potty, wouldn't ya say?

July 17 - A day at the beach ... and THIS little girl is right at home with all that sand and water!!!

July 18 - Rainbow ... need I say more? Thank You God!!!

July 19 - He is almost done ...
So, how was YOUR week ... or, ya know, MONTH?!?!?!?!

4 of ya left some love:

tiffany said...

Fantastic pics! Love the one where she's so excited about sitting on the potty, that's priceless! lol

sara said...

omw...loved all the pictures!!!!

I had to laugh about them jumping from the window sill to bed to two boys always found "fun" things like that to do....yikes!

And the bike? Well, I am still just so impressed!!!

j said...

lovin the hattie nap photo, the bubble shot/story and the wildflowers picked by steve...great rainbow shot (just took one of them myself last night)...and AWWE...the bottle-free zone (thank you for all of the baby goodies yesterday)...much appreciated RS.

Darla said...

i love that you fill the sink with bubbles! how fun! i used to let mine play in the sink when they were little. oh how i miss those times, they are precious.