Sunday, February 8, 2009

Project 365 - Week 6

Project 365

Can you believe that we are already 6 weeks into 2009? WOW! Just this week I was looking at my girls and marveling (or, ya know, CRYING!!) over how fast they are growing up!!! Craziness!

So, here is a glimpse into our week:

Feb. 1 - I totally intended to introduce you to my sweet Katy Todd. She had a layover here in town on her way to Africa - yes, I said Africa! That girl is a born missionary! I had the joy of getting to meet her at the airport and spend a couple of hours with her. However, I forgot to take a picture! STINK!!!!

Instead, you get a pic of me. Sorry :( Because the other item up for Sunday was a haircut. It has already grown past the "short" picture length and we are just about to the "middle" picture length!!! It is growing pretty fast and I am both excited and distressed - because I have had to break out the hairdryer!!! What's next ... the CURLING IRON!?!?!?!?! Oh, say it aint so!

Feb. 2 - This is our friend and neighbor Rocky. Rocky, you may have noticed, is a squirrel. The girls LOVE to sit and watch Rocky through the window, and on this day he gave Miss Sophie quite a show (H was at school!!) with all of his tree climbing acrobatics!

Feb. 3 - This is my sweet natured little Sophie ... who has recently been showing signs of the *GASP* approaching "terrible two's". Here she is throwing a major "Nelly Olsen" style fit over the fact that I would not let her pull the chair - the one she had just pulled over onto herself - around the room! Mean 'ol mom!

Feb. 4 - AKA terrible two day 2 ... After three unsuccessful attempts to feed her breakfast, it became clear that she did not want the pancake, graham crackers or Cap'n Crunch. Oh no, my girl wanted Mini Wheat's ... just plain 'ol wheat squares. They were her favorite food for at least two days!!!

Feb. 5 - I forgot to take a pic until about 9PM ... this is a pic of my mic and music stand at Praise Team practice!

Feb. 6 - Meet my new best friend. This cute little bee fingernail clipper has won my heart! Why, you ask? Because Hattie, who normally throws monumental fits over nail clipping time, let me clip all 10 fingernails AND 10 toenails without so much as a peep!

This MUST be what Heaven feels like!!!

Feb. 7 - Not only is this the day that my sis had a sweet baby boy 20 years ago (Love ya Moe!!!), but it is also the day that temps here in the frozen North hit high enough to step outside for more that 3.2 seconds without fear of losing appendages to frostbite!!!

So, what is a family to do but play outside!? Hattie's favorite activity of the day was being tossed by her Daddy into the snowdrifts that were up to her waist! She flew threw the air and straight down into said drifts like a little nail. And then Mommy or Daddy would have to go dig her out! It was a stinkin' blast

Now, if you would like to get a glimpse into other people's lives, head on over to our Project 365 host Sara's site for more fun!!!

Well, that was our week ... how was yours?

7 of ya left some love:

Gina said...

You take such awesome pics! Throwing her into the snowbank looks like so much fun! Blessings on your week!

Kelly said...

Wow, Hattie is getting some air.

fransmomma said...

aaahhhh, to play in the snow. *sigh* not a possibility in central texas. love the haircut!

Nise' said...

Where were those adorable fingernail clippers when I needed them? It was a wrestling match just to get them cut.

Becky said...

OK, the little fist gripping those wheat squares is just classic. Aren't two year olds just so much fun?

Love the bee clippers :-D

Kate said...

That looks like such cold fun!

j said...

Uh-Oh...a glimpse into the terrible twos! Watch out! Cute pictures :)

Hope you and the family are all feeling better today!