Monday, November 24, 2008

Picture Perfect Monday - Family Park Time

(I am so totally gonna go over the one sentence rule here, sorry 'bout that!)

Here is another look at our vacation.

A lovely day at the park with my side of the family ...

Hattie doin' what Hattie does best ... gettin' dirty!
Grandma and (a few of) her girls!
Trinity Joy (yeah, she likes the camera!)
Do ya hear that sound ...
... that would be my heart melting (He is soooo handsome!!)
Not exactly sure what that look was for, but I am sure Savannah earned it!
Uncle Danny teaching Hattie to skate (he REALLLLLY loves that girl!)
Sophie Bug was makin' Daddy very nervous ... but Savannah was pretty close behind her!
That's my "Butchie" (Ty) rockin' the Gator ... he is a sweetheart!!!)
Hattie is slip, slidin' away.
Hattie climbing the wall (with Uncle Jimmy close behind)...
...and she TOTALLY made it to the top!! Go Girlie!!Ty in a tree
Trinity and Hattie exploring.
The kids thought everyone should do funny face pics. These are for them ...
My little bro Danny (AKA "Euge").
Danny's daughter Trinity (AKA "Angel Face").
Jim's son Ty (AKA "Butchie"), up close and personal!!
His sister Shyenne (AKA "Cubbie") thought she would rather just look cute!
And the other sister Savannah (AKA "Rosebud") and her tonsils.
Their Daddy, my big bro Jimmy (AKA "Mo") ... and this picture shows his true personality!!
Well, there ya have it ... that would be the Morgan's ...
Oh, don't judge, you've got one in your family too.
We just happen to be FULL OF 'EM!!!

2 of ya left some love:

Becky said...

WOW. Now that is a photo fiesta! Great pics... all of them.

Jenn said...

WOW Trinity is growing up! And her nickname is PRINCESS... remember??? All girls are princesses. She is so cute!