Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sweet Times

My Mommy is here. And it kinda rocks. She is spending the week with us. One whole week of having my Mommy all to myself. This is the best part of following my man to the other end of the country - I don't have to share Mommy time.

Except that Mommy time is completely taken over by Grandma time.

She and Sophie had a rockin' good time on the couch - literally. Sophie likes to bounce and rock-n-roll all over the place. Or, in this case, all over Grandma's tummy.

Until she just plain wore her little self right out!

Hattie gave Grandma a little concert on her whistle.

Gave her a little of the Word from her Bible (which Hattie literally has memorized!)

And then, for kicks, let Grandma read the Bible to her!!!

For my girls (and my mom) to be able to make memories like this, I will gladly take a backseat to their time together!

Besides, I got my time in last night when we went to see Mamma Mia together.


As soon as it was over, I asked her if we could see it again tomorrow night. If you are a fan of the musical, a chick flick, a love story, a feel good time, a comedy or Meryl Streep, see this movie. I had heard that Meryl Streep had trained as a singer, but good golly. I had no idea. She was amazing! And combine that with her acting ability and SHAZAM!!!! Pierce Brosnan reminded me of Christopher Plummer in Sound Of Music - not so much of a singer, but oh so charming! And the girl who played the daughter - WOW!!! She lights up the screen and has a voice on her to die for!

Can ya tell I liked it?

I did. And I want the soundtrack. If anyone is keeping track my birthday is in 3 days.

But let's not discuss that.

Hey, guess what ... my mommy is here!!!

And we saw Mamma Mia!

It was OK ... :)

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Kate said...

I'm gonna have to see that movie.

Glad you mumsy and u are having a blast...I love those laughing baby faces...they're the best!