Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Getting Old and Getting Organized

So, I told ya that my Mommy is in town. And I told ya that she spoiled the girls silly. Well, today she is spoiling me.

My mommy is an organization QUEEN. And I am ... well, NOT. A sad fact that drives even me to the brink of crazy. I cannot tell ya what it does to my man.

My poor, sweet, wonderful man. (Did I mention handsome and patient?!?)

So, we went on a little trek this morning to a few different stores. We gathered some organization tools and accessories, because my mom, she had her a plan. We had us some lunch and did a little more shopping (all with both girls, and they did so great. So very great!), and then headed home to get me organized. What would've taken me a year, 11 months and 29 days, took my mommy about three hours.

Sadly, I was not even organized enough to take the "before" pictures ahead of time. BUT, when we are through, I promise I will post the "after" shots. 'Cause they are gonna ROCK my friends! She is doing my kitchen and my craft area - which has been more like a dump and run area. Actually, they have both been dump and runs. But the way she is doing it, I truly feel like I can keep it nice. I am so very excited.

She has to leave on Friday - my actual birthday :( - but we are having a time while she is here. Later we are off to the laundr-o-mat. The washer, $200 plus in parts later, is broken AGAIN! My hubby, who has fixed everything else, is at his wits end. We do not know what we are gonna do. Do we keep spending money to fix it or do we just give in and get a new one? STINKS!!!!

Looks like I may get a new washer for my b-day. I can live with that. I just hate to spend all of that money.

Prayers are welcome and coveted.

2 of ya left some love:

Rebekah said...

I'm an organization Nazi! I pitty my husband too...

Fran said...

Does that mean today is your birthday??! Its my oldest sons bday too.

Have a blessed day and I pray its full of love, joy, and surprises!