Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Up To My Eyeballs In Laundry

I have been drowning in laundry lately. And if it were a deadly fate, I would surely be six feet under this week. Ya see the washing machine, the one that rocks my house, in spin mode, with such velocity that NO ONE can sleep through it, was apparently rockin' too hard for even itself.

I am telling you, this thing SHAKES the house. Pictures are literally crooked on the wall. Sophie has been awakened from a dead sleep. Hattie, who fears nothing else on earth, runs for cover when the thing goes into spin cycle. Now, it had gotten worse as of late - shaking even harder than normal. Then it suddenly, last week, started stopping mid spin and I would have to resart it - at least once or twice per load. Then on Saturday it just stopped - period. I could hardly turn the barrel and the clothes were literally dripping wet. YIKES!

Now, of course we didn't buy the extended warranty. Because, honestly, how often do you really need an extended warranty. I will tell you how often, precisely the number of times that you do not buy it!!! Thankfully, my man happens to be pretty stinking handy. So he went in to take a look-see. It wasn't pretty.

The belt had snapped - as I suspected. But the whole pulley system had become unbalanced and had actually begun to wear into the metal around it. THUS THE SHAKING!!! So it all had to be replaced.

And because of the shaking I have had to plan and purpose every load of laundry and had gotten seriously backed up. Now we have no washer till the parts arrive and Hubby can fix it. Any one want to meet me for lady's day at the laundromat?

'Cause I will be there a while.

On a happier note, Miss Belle is with us today. She is SUCH a cutie. Seeing as how I have not gotten permission from her mommy and daddy to post a pic of her, I won't. BUT, I will give you a hint. They have a blog of their own - complete with a proud parent display - and there is a link to it on my little sidebar.

She is such a sweet heart - and to make it even better, I now have an excuse to watch Sesame Street when she is here. If not just to hear her say "Elmo". Which is seriously one of the cutest things you have ever heard.

That and listening to Sophie say "Dada". Which she does now. Over and over.

And my heart, it soars.

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Fran said...

I'm praying for favor when it comes to getting that washing machine fixed!! :)

Have a great day girl. Enjoy those little ones.