Friday, June 6, 2008

 Fitness on Friday

It is Friday - Fitness Friday - which means it is time to check in on my progress this week...

Well, I have lost two more pounds. Which considering on my date last Friday we went to a Mexican Restaurant - which in my world, spells doom for the diet! I ate, not one, not two, but THREE enchiladas! Can you say "big goofball"? I knew ya could! BUT, I jumped right back on the wagon on Saturday. Then Sunday came and we ate lunch at Olive Garden. Pasta, in diet lingo, is the same exact word as mexican food. Same results too.
So, as of Monday I was down to a 5 pound loss (after the seven on Friday I was clearly disappointed in my self!!). I was back up to seven by Wed. and now I am at 8.9 - which counts as 9 in my book. Please do not pop my bubble. I am very happy in my dream world!

So, something that I learned this week.... Well, I got nothing. However, I will share something that I learned from Biggest Loser. And if you have kids - and therefor kid SNACKS - you may find helpful. So, the losers were going on a plane trip. And, can I just say that airports are NOT the place to be when hunger sets in! Forget the fact that there is a Cinnabon waiting in every terminal. Forget the fact that IF you can get past the Cinnabon, you will pass a news stand selling every type of CHOCOLATE known to man. Let's just focus on the fact that ANYTHING you find to eat - healthy or not - is gonna cost you FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS! 'Nuff said.
Anyway, the losers wanted to keep on track, so they packed snack baggies. Each baggie contained 100 calories only. SO, if they did eat, they would know WHAT and HOW MUCH they were eating. BRILLIANT I tell you. 'Cause, let me just say, when ya got a pantry full of animal crackers, teddy grahams and fruit snacks, you can get carried away FAST. Just another little way to be prepared.

Also, if you are feeding your child a PBJ and chips and she leaves a little on her plate, take said plate DIRECTLY to the trash can and DUMP IT OUT. 'Cause leaving it in the sink with chip crumples and PBJ crust remnants can get pretty tempting very quickly.

I learned that just now.

And, were I not typing this as it happened, I may have found myself licking the plate.

But I didn't.

I dumped it.

And I am proud!

Visit Natalie at Bye Bye Fat Mom for links to more tips. Let's lose it together!!!

4 of ya left some love:

Andrea said...

Hey -- good idea about the snack bags!

And it sounds like you are doing FANTASTIC with your weight loss.

I myself am down 3 pounds -- although I had a BAD eating day yesterday, so I'm a bit nervous to step on the scale now again. But I just have to kick it into high gear again and make up for lost time!

You go, girl!

Oh -- and what a sweet picture of you and your hubby above. You look so in love!

Aron, Erica, & Isabelle said...

It's so good to allow yourself a least once a week.
I'm proud of you for jumping right back on...for choosing life!
love to you!

Lawanda said...

I am glad your diet saboteurs did not sabotage your diet! YAY! :)

Good tips! I have a real problem letting go on those leftovers for some reason. WHY is that I wonder?!?! :-p

I really enjoy your blog :)

Natalie said...

Wahoo! 9 pounds!!! Great snacking tips too! :)