Friday, May 2, 2008

Still Alive, Just Not So Much Kickin'

It's been a dry week post-wise. Pretty much it has been dry week life-wise. Not a BAD week, just a dry one. I love my life, so I am NOT complaining, but it is not always a walk in a sunny, breezy, butterfly filled park. SOMETIMES it is a walk down a path that has either weeds and thorny bushes or, like this week, a barren desert with nothing to look at or focus on whatsoever. And this is where I have been walking.

Sunday was a great day! GREAT!!! We celebrated our pastor Andy and his wife Denise's 20th anniversary at the church. What a testimony to following and FOCUSING on God's will. There have been some pretty tough times at the church (before us, so we are just taking the word of those who made it through) that Andy and Denise have weathered and seen the body through. From youth pastor to worship pastor and now Senior pastor (and Denise has been JUST AS BUSY!!!!) they have seen it all. It was a wonderful event and we were Blessed to be there.

Sometime in all of that I hurt my shoulder. I cannot tell you how, but I got an extremely sharp pain shooting through and then could hardly move my arm or feel my fingers for a couple of days. Have I mentioned that Sophie is going on 24 pounds?!?!?! YIKES~~~

Tuesday was therapy so I had to load up the girls in their carseats ... it was all I could do not to cry! Then Tuesday night I had a meeting at church. It turned out well, but there were some, let's just say EXCITING moments. Feelings hurt and hearts bruised, but in the end I hope we all found a way to take a look at the big picture and realize we are all there for GOD's will and not our own.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE the family of God?!?!?!?!

Then Wednesday.... oh Wednesday...
The B Boys spring hunting trip is almost upon us. For MONTHS I have had it in my pretty little head that it was this weekend. Gearing myself up for the loneliness that I feel when my man leaves for a few days. I know that some women LIVE for this, but I HATE it. HATE IT with a white hot poker in the eye kinda hatred. I do LOVE that my man gets a break and comes home refreshed and that he gets to have some fun with the men in his family. I really do love that for him. But for me, it is not so much good-ness. HOWEVER, he lets me do my things and so I TRY not to complain ... not always very successfully. Sorry Honey. ANYWAY, on Wednesday I realized that he is not going this week, he is going NEXT week.... Then we both realized that this means that he will be gone for Mother's Day. I am afraid that I did not do well with this information. I KNOW that this was an oversight on his part and so I am trying not to be hurt - please pray that I don't make him feel any worse than he already does. He is feeling pretty bad.

Add to that that this was the day that I learned that my Suns were out AND they voted out my Brooke from American Idol. Sad day all around.

The rest of the week has been pretty much more of the same. Finances are pretty tight so we have had to let some friends down in a joint business venture. And they are so sweet and kind about it all. We also are having to change some details of our anniversary trip in a couple of weeks. We are going to Mackinack Island - a dream destination of mine since I first saw "Somewhere In Time" in high school. We had planned to stay in the Grand Hotel because we got a GREAT deal because it is early in the season and before things really take off. However, a great deal at the Grand Hotel is $392 for ONE NIGHT!!!!! And now we just cannot swing that. So we are going to stay at a lesser hotel and maybe VISIT the Grand Hotel for a meal or something. Or maybe a t-shirt. Or even a hoodie. It will still be a great trip because I will be getting undivided time with my favorite person on the PLANET!!!!

So, nothing really BAD about the week, just nothing really good either. I have NOT done well on my fitness plan. I am a total emotional eater and, while I have not gone hog wild, I have not been at ALL diligent either. But, then again, I don't have to fit into that fancy dress to just BE at the Grand Hotel after 6pm anymore either. So it all evens out.

On a happier note, my girls are GREAT - Sophie is even doing well through all of these weather changes this week. We have gone from FREEZING and frost to rain and warm (well, in the high 60's).

Yeah, Freezing and frost.


Have I mentioned that I have a few words for a certain moron whose initials are Al Gore?!?! Global warming ... HAH!!!

Did I mention that I LOVE my life? Even on weeks like this (or Heaven forbid worse), there is NOTHING else I would rather do with my days. Thank you GOD for the blessings you have showered on me. Please let me be worthy.

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