Sunday, April 20, 2008

Multitask Blogging - it's all about the SKILL!!!

This bloggy post is here to serve two purposes ...

First of all, and the most obvious of the two, is to (once again, and hopefully the last time for a while) welcome you to the new layout! I also changed the name - AGAIN! But this time the name is gonna stick - and that I PROMISE!!! You hereby have my word on this one. We are now, and forever more, "Sweet Abundance", and I will explain that in a minute. I was told by a few people that the old layout was too busy and thus hard to read. I tried to fix it, really I did, but just couldn't do it with that pattern. So, back to the drawing board. I think this one will do quite nicely!! Plus, I found a picture of some cute flowers, painted it in with the handy dandy photo editor and VOILA!!! There ya have it. You like?!?!

Now for the reason for the name change. I liked "Abundant Worship" but there was always something not quite right about it... and now I know what it is. The other day in my time with God it hit me. I mean it HIT me, as in "square between the eyes, two-by-four to the head, wake up and smell the Starbucks!!" See, I realized that there is NO WAY that my scrawny little, sin filled, lacking of Holiness, less than mediocre worship could POSSIBLY be "abundant" for the King of Kings! How can I, who am only made right through HIM, ever bring Him what He deserves? I cannot. It would be impossible. I know that my worship is beautiful to Him - I know this to be true - but it is soooooooooo much less than He deserves!
So I can no longer let myself call my worship abundant. I can, however, call what HE does abundant. Because it soooooooo IS!! He is abundant in every way. His Grace, mercies, treasures, blessings and salvation are more than enough for me. More than abundant.
So, it seems, that "Sweet Abundance" is not only the perfect name for this site, but also the anthem for my life. Not my measly attempt at abundance, put HIS perfect and Holy abundance. I am so Blessed!

And that brings us to the second task of this post.... One of the ways that He has Blessed me abundantly:

SOPHIE LEE!!!! Here she is on her very first outdoor playdate!

First time in a swing - She LOVED it (once she got used to it!).

Getting ...
... to know ...
... our buddy Evy!!!!

Her sweet profile (notice the lack of noseness ... thus the stuffiness that has been present since BIRTH!!!)

Final verdict ....

"Even stuffed up, I could get used to this outdoor thing!!!"

2 of ya left some love:

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

Cute photos! And I love your new flowers.

Andrea said...

I love the new flowers. And the name change...makes total sense!