Thursday, April 24, 2008

Makin' A Mommy Cry ... HAPPY TEARS!

So, I am not sure how, exactly, just a few short sessions with the speech therapist can make such a big difference, But boy howdy ... they surely have!

For instance - Saturday was Hattie's first visit to the dentist. I KNEW it would be traumatic. Trauma usually leads us down one of two paths. We either get gibberish - incomprehensible sounds with crying - and climbing up the parent at hand. OR we get the "route speech" - words she says by memorization, not really sure of the meaning and not always applicable to the situation. THIS time, however, we got actual communication.

We pulled into the parking lot and Hattie (who has a sixth sense for medical facilities) says "ooooh no!" She went in with me though. I kept telling her that the nice dentist was going to tickle our teeth - FUN!!! She was not so sure about that. She sat on a chair with a Hi-Lights magazine (oh my word, the flashbacks! We will save that for another time) and tried very valiantly to be brave. After a minute or two she looked at me and said "OK mom, time to go now". I told her not yet. She waited a minute and said "Time to get in the car now". Nope, not yet. Then she looked out the window, saw a McDonald's and said "Time to go get ice cream!!!" After I said no to that one, she did cry. She kept saying "Mommy save me." I said I always would and nothing would hurt her, so when our turn came, she bravely walked down the hall, sat in the fancy chair and LOOKED at all of the equipment. She did not let them put it in her mouth, but she looked in mine with the fancy mirror and sat there for about 10 minutes before the extreme panick set in. We decided that was enough for now, got her down and let the torture end. She hugged the lady, said thank you and then called out "all done mom! Time for ice cream" and proceeded to take off like a rocket down the hall. But words - appropriate words, words strung together into sentences! - were used! YAY!!!!!

Then this morning Daddy got her out of bed while I was getting ready for Bible study. I heard her playing in the family room and she came down the hall looking for me. Sophie was still sleeping, so Daddy stopped her but I heard her say "I hear mommy sing!" I was not singing, but Sophie's lullaby CD was playing. And seeing as how Christy Nockels was singing "Grace Flows Down" at that moment (see player in the side column if it is not currently on), that is now my second favorite thing she has ever said.

Right behind "I love you".

Oh how I love her too!

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Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

What a blessing when our sweet girls have these wonderful victories.

Cheri said...

Oh man, this brought tears to my eyes. What beautiful moments God chooses to give us. What a blessing you have!

Thanks so much for leaving a comment for my girl.

I told her earlier, " Won't it be fun to read all the comments people leave you?" To which she said, " Nobody's gonna leave a comment mom!"

I knew my great friends would support her. Now, she sees!!

Fran said...

BEAUTIFUl! I'm so glad I came by.
Have a great weekend.

The B's said...

I still try to find the hidden pictures in the highlights. Hey, you might want to try a pediatric dentist. The one I used to take the boys to had video game machines in the lobby and they used to love to go.

Chris @ Come to the Table said...

Congratulations! You're the winner of Lisa Bergren's book, "The Busy Mom's Devotional"

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Milk Mama said...

Oh wow! What a fantastic blessing!!! Wow!!! I'm so glad that is working so well! :D