Thursday, March 6, 2008

They Don't Make Em Like They Used To

Alrighty, here is a little something that'll age ya...

Hattie was watching Sesame Street a few days ago and saw a little something that had her laughin' so hard she was CRYING (like mother, like daughter!!) and I thought I should share. So I have been trying to find it and have finally hit the jackpot on YouTube:

I only wish I had a video of her watching!!! So FUNNY!

Then, because I was(am) the HUGEST Sesame Street fan EVER - and was totally in love with Ernie when I was a kid, I did a little Ernie search. So many wonderful clips to be found that I couldn't choose ... til I saw this one:

Why would I pick THIS one when there are all of the Ernie classics out there (i.e. Rubber Ducky, Imagination, Banana Phone, etc...)? Well, THIS is where the age part comes in....

I had an audio version of this clip on 8 Track AND record!!!!

Yep, I am that old.

And here I just gave myself away on the world wide web.

So, clearly, I am not only old, I also have lost all hope of shielding the world from this sad fact.

The Jig is up!

1 of ya left some love:

Jenn said...

You do realize that not even Seasame Street would teach you not to sit on the icky floor! You cracked me up with that comment! Thanks :)