Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy ...

Hello my Bloggy Buddies!!! Can I tell ya that I am a busy bee as of late... I am on a couple of committees at church that have had me hoppin the last couple of days. Not to mention that I am in a ladies Bible Study - Jesus, The One and Only by Beth Moore - which requires a LOT of homework. I am not complaining about any of it mind you, just sayin' I am busy... Top it all of with the craziness that is my normal life and .... well, I am B*U*S*Y!!!! It is only Tuesday and I feel like I am ready for the weekend! Here is what has gone down so far this week:

Sunday - Sophie woke up stuffy and green yucky nose again, so Hubby & I made the decision to keep her home from church. Well, I was singing this week, so he was elected to keep the girls. I left for church and was there rehearsing for the morning when it hit me .... WE HAVE COFFEE TABLE THIS MORNING!!!!!! This is soooooo NOT a one man job! So, I call him and tell him to PLEASE get here quick! Being the amazing man he is, he did! So, I sang both services and we did the coffee & cookie stuff and I got a migraine! fuuuuuunnnnn!! Home and to bed for me :(.

Monday - Still with the headache, but not nearly as bad, it was doctor day for the girls. Now, what was I thinking scheduling BOTH appointments at a time of day that was IMPOSSIBLE for a daddy to be there to help me? Hattie is absolutely horrified of the doctor, due to some frightening stuff she had to endure early on in her time with us and after a pretty serious ear infection. So, she began to lose it as we pulled into the parking lot! It got worse from there and that led Sophie into her own little meltdown. It took me and two nurses to get them both weighed and measured! Hattie screamed the entire time the doctor was checking her and proceeded to redress herself - right down to the shoes, socks and jacket - while the Dr. checked her out. Once dressed she plopped herself into the stroller, turned it to the door and thereafter completely ignored the rest of the people in the room. However, she stopped crying so we were able to get to Sophie's check up - 6 MONTHS!!! Can ya even stand it? We talked about the fact that she is most assuredly NOT malnourished in any way whatsoever (20 lbs!) and is growing and developing beautifully. However, she is ALWAYS stuffy and intermittently has the green junk. The doc decided to - finally - put her on an antibiotic. Thank you JESUS, she is finally seeming to feel better and also to be getting some comfort. I had a meeting at church on Monday night, which was the calmest part of my day ... till we left the building to find that it was snowing! Oh boy!
Tuesday - Iceskated down the driveway to the bus and got Hattie off to school and Sophie and I jumped into the car and headed to get Kathy and Evy to meet Jennifer, Mel and Little Jersey at the store to shop for the Easter Carnival at church... and we ran out of time! So I came home, got Hattie, had lunch and we left for more shopping! Came home, got everyone dinner, Hubby came home and I left for another meeting at church. Another calm time, but my mind is reeling from all that I have to do for these committees!!! At one point in the meeting we decided to venture outside to check something and , yeah, snowing ... HARD! So after the meeting I drove home again in the snow - a BLIZZARD I might add!!! I do not like driving in the snow - scares the pajamas off of me! But, I did it!!!!
Tomorrow - Yep, it's a busy one. More Easter Carnival preparations to be taken care of, plus I have to get people together to work on a skit for the carnival, plus I need to get people together to work on the paint scheme and such for the sanctuary, PLUS I need to get my homework done, PLUS I need to show my girls how much I love em AND, I gotta show my man a little love too!
I LOVE my life, but I will be glad for any opportunity to sit still in the next few weeks!
I am sure I just bored ya to tears, but such is my life! Excitement galore! You're wishing you were me right about now, aren't ya!
Blog at ya later!

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