Friday, March 21, 2008

GOOD Friday ... ?

Have you ever wondered why this is called "Good Friday"? Why the day that Jesus was mocked, betrayed, tried, beaten, battered, taunted, tortured, nailed to a cross and murdered is called GOOD?! I have. I have wondered often.

I have also given it much thought.

We call the day He died good. We design jewelry, home decorations, t-shirts, window decals and bumper stickers around the implement of His death. We make the cross pretty and call this day good. Why? How?

I have heard that it was first called "God Day" and at first thought, that makes so much more sense. Actually at second, third and ... well, MILLIONTH thought that makes more sense. So, when did it become good?

I have decided that it became good the moment it was conceived in the heart of God. Good, because all of His plans are good. And right. And Perfect. It was a moment of ugly on the timeline of creation that led to the greatest good of all. HIM.

It is the ONLY way to Him. What is "gooder" than that? Where would we be without it? WHAT would we be without it? Surely not forgiven. Surely not saved. Surely not HIS.

I remember the day very clearly when I looked at the cross anew. I was raised in a Christian home and surrounded by Godly people all of my life. But THEIR faith could not save me. Knowing who He was could not take the place of knowing HIM. I was Blessed to be able to attend a Billy Graham crusade when I was 18 years old. He made me see that the cross wasn't just for us, it was for ME. If it was only me that needed the saving, He would have gone to the cross JUST FOR ME.

Do you know - really KNOW - that He would have done it just for YOU?

The cross was different that day. I had looked at the cross in the front of that church my whole life, but that day... that day it was bigger. It meant more. That day I FELT the cross.

I felt it watching "The Passion Of The Christ" too. I remember that I was literally unable to move when the movie ended. I don't know that I have ever in my life felt anything that strongly before. His death resonated in me. His suffering became part of me.

Isn't THAT what Good Friday is about. Making His suffering and death - that was taken FOR us - part of us? If it is not part of who we are, do we really know Him? Do we really KNOW what He did for us? Do we really ACCEPT what He did for us. Do we accept it for what it is - a free gift of love? A gift that says "I would do this to be with you forever". A gift that says "NOTHING is too much for me. NOTHING can keep me from you. Nothing but YOU."

Only you can keep you from God. He has done everything it takes just to get to you, but you have to let Him in. He walked the entire way to the cross, you only have to turn around and see Him.

THAT is what makes Good Friday GOOD. We are not good enough, but He is. We cannot be clean enough, Holy enough, right enough. But HE can. He is. He is GOOD enough. And the cross is good because it was NOT the end - just the beginning. The enemy thought he had won, but God is good. The priests thought they had ended it, but God is GOOD. The world thought it was over, but GOD IS GOOD.

Friday is good, because Sunday came. His reign did not end, it was not over and the enemy had not won. Sunday came and proved that. He is ALIVE - and that is GOOD. THAT, my friend, is the very "GOODest"!!!

This is the Body, this is the Blood
Broken and poured out, for all of us
In this communion, we share in His love
This is the Body, this is the Blood

Come and share in the communion. He invired you over 2,000 years ago. He invites you today.

Share in His LOVE.

3 of ya left some love:

annie's eyes said...

Beautiful thoughts of Good...Blessed Good Friday, Blessed Savior, broken for us. Thanks for your thoughtful post.

Ang baylis said...

It wasn't until recently that I got it, really "got" it that He would do it again if I were the only one. He did it for ME! Thank you for this beautiful post... and video!
Happy Easter to you!

Jenn said...

I just have to say- I woke up yesterday and felt sad. I miss our friend tons! She has been on my mind a lot.
Hope you all have a very Happy Easter!