Monday, March 17, 2008

Changes Afoot!!

Hello fRamily! You may have noticed a new name up on the header... yep, we are making some changes. The URL itself will not change, but we do need to change a few things.
First, an explanation - Most of you know that our sweet Hattie was adopted (for more info see this post). What you may not know is that there was a time when her birth family knew how to get a hold of us. They began to actually harass us - calling at all hours and demanding to see her, etc. - but by this point we had come to see there were some pretty major dysfunctional type behaviors going on. Stories were not adding up, Hattie had been mistreated, frightening stuff I must say. For Hattie's safety we decided that it was better to get her away from them. We started this blog to keep in touch with fRamily and keep them up to date on the girls. Along the way I have been Blessed with some new bloggy buddies and siestas. So, we don't really want to change the way we do things as far as going so private that you must be invited to visit. Even though I TOTALLY respect that choice being made by some!!! But we DO want to change SOME things. Removing our last name and where we live is first. Her name was not Hattie when she came to us, so we feel comfy calling her by her name, but seeing as how they know our last name and they know me, I could be easily found. So I am going to go back and take out all references to our last name and such. I may actually remove the post about Hattie's adoption, as well, if I cannot edit to my satisfaction.
In the mean time I have tweaked the name a little bit, but I am not happy with it. I want to come up with a creative name that says who we are without naming names.

AND, this is where YOU come in, I am taking suggestions. WHat would you name this little bloggy space? I have come up with a few, but none really "speak to me". Here is what I have thought of so far:

Sweet Abundance
Walkin' The Walk
Praise Dancin'
Our Little Heaven On Earth
Worshiping The One
Everything That Has Breath

What do YOU think? I am SINCERELY looking for opinions and ideas. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE help me out here!
Blog at ya soon!

*****I am halfway through editing old posts - This is harder than I thought... We (Hubby and I) decided that we would take OUR first names out as well as any reference to our last name and where we live. It is taking longer than I thought it would!!!!!

5 of ya left some love:

Jenn said...

I like "Sweet Abundance". I'm not very good at coming up with names but if I think of anything I'll let you know.
That's too bad that you've had issues with Hattie's birth family - it's always tough to know how much to put on a blog. Better safe than sorry.
And I wanted to let you know that you won the Tim Horton's gift card from my blog party! E-mail me with your address.

Fran said...

I like Walkin the Walk....but, whatever you choose will be perfect!!

And, completely understand about the whole redesign thing! :)

Much love~

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

I totally sympathize with ya on this issue. I think that's the main reason I use my girls' nicknames on my blog.

It's a real longshot that anyone would ever locate us through my blog, but stranger things have happened.

As for the name...I think I like Sweet Abundance the best of all your choices.

Chris @ Come to the Table said...

I like "Sweet Abundance" too!

It is really hard to know how much personal info. to put out here, and yet in your situation I would do the same.

Amy Wyatt said...

Oohh. I like them all. That's a tough decision.