Saturday, October 13, 2007

Praise the Lord!!!!

OK - Huge day in the B Household ...... (do ya hear the drum roll?!) ..... Hattie officially likes Sophie!!! Yep, it's true! She played on the floor with her and fed her a bottle!! She was not, however, so hip on sharing the tub with her tonight. I think we pushed it a little too far with that one. The tub is Hattie's domain and she did NOT want to share! Good to know! None the less, we now have pictures to put in their Sister frames!!! Another huge miracle of God, because Hattie HATES to have her picture taken and she was actually smiling and saying "cheese"! So, here ya go - proof that life in the B abode has taken a friendly turn!!!
YAY!!!! Girlfriends forever!!!
So, this is officially the sweetest picture EVER!
My three favorite people!!!

2 of ya left some love:

The B's said...

Love the new pictures

Jenn said...

Girl- there will be days... when the girlfriends forever will not seem that way! Remember the times Paula had with the girls.... it all works out in the end. Adorable pictures though!