Tuesday, August 7, 2007

where we are ...

So, Hattie LOVES the new room! She is sleeping well and wakes up happy - talking to her starfish etc... SO CUTE!!!!! She is a funny girl, talking up a storm and making this Mommy proud. Her new big love is Diego - and, sadly, girl stuff just doesn't come in "diego" ... but that doesn't stop Hattie!!!!! Her speech therapy must be working too, cause she is VERY vocal in her love for Diego!! When my Mom was here we were, of course, shopping and Hattie saw some Diego pj's and started saying over and over "Mama, Diego". I said "yes Honey, that's Diego". She grabbed my face, turned it to her and said "WANT IT!!" They were boy pj's so I was reluctant, but Grandma spoiled her and bought them. Now I can't get her out of them!! Then, on Sunday we were at the store and were picking a backpack out for her to take to school (she starts preschool this year through the school district - whole other story ... pray for her - and mommy!!!) and I gave her a few to choose from - Tinkerbell, Hello Kitty, Sesame Street, Dora, Backyardigans ... she, however. spotted the Diego one on the other side of the display ... NOT the nice, blue, cute one ... the brown/orange/green slightly less attractive one with Diego and a DINOSAUR!!!!! ahhhhh, that's my girl!!!
In other news, I have been going to the doctor visits with Kim (birthmom) and I am feeling so BLESSED to be able to share this with her. Yesterday we went for a test to be sure that the babies are getting enough bloodflow and able to move around enough. The test went well, baby B - our "for sure" baby got the hiccups, so we got to hear her hiccupping for a few minutes. Kim says she feels that alot and now knows what it is!!! Thursday is the amnio - please be sure to keep that in prayer. THere is a LOT of baby in there so they have to be extra careful not to poke anyone.
So, pretty much, life is good, we are blessed and have so much to be thankful for!!! We pray that we don't let a day go by without hitting our knees in thankful prayer for all we have been blessed with! Including our amazing fRamily!!!

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Jenn said...

That cracks me up about her wanting the "less attractive" one. I love when the girls finally get the "cuter" one- or they finally agree to a pedicure! I don't get it- how can they be so against pedicures and girly stuff when- HELLOOOO- who am I??? I did get Morgan to want some lipgloss today and let's just say, Stac is going to kill me because it's MAC. But hey- if she is going to wear it- it might as well be the good stuff!
I am so excited for you with the babies too- how fun! I want one {if Kim wants me to take the other one.... ha}