Saturday, August 4, 2007

The New Room!!

OK, here are some pictures of the new room. It is not completely finished. There is one wall still undone. We had to order a dresser and are gonna paint some wall shelves, but you get the idea. Hattie LOVES it!!!!! Especially the starfish - she talks about it all the time! This is her first night in the big girl room, bed time was a little rough, but she was also overtired and did NOT want to go to bed!!!! I will have to let ya know how it all works out!!!
It looks like the babies are gonna be here in about a month - they are already at 5lbs each and gaining fast, so they are running out of room in there and Kim is pretty uncomfortable and is having a hard time getting around, so they are gonna monitor the development and as soon as they feel that the lungs and such are properly developed they will be getting born!!!! CAN"T WAIT!!!!!!
Keep Kim, babies and all the rest of us in your prayers if you would... gonna be alot of changes soon!!!! But, God is good all the time and all the time, God is good!! We know He has our backs, so we can handle whatever comes - LOVE that Guy!!!
Blog at ya soon!!!

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Jenn said...

very cute- I love, LOVE, love the beach!