Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Final Countdown ....

So, six days from now there will be two extra little people in the world. And I can NOT wait!!!!! We are scheduled for a c-section at 1:30 eastern time. I will try - but make no promises - to have pictures for ya later that day.

So far, we are still just getting Twin B - we have named her .... do ya hear the drum roll ... SOPHIE LEE. Sophie from the Greek word for wisdom and in some translations, the Greek word for the Wise Men of the Bible are sophus (we like the idea of not only wisdom, but a heart seeking after God and His Truth as well!) and Lee after my grandpas who were both named Lee!!

Here is the thing about Twin A - Kim really, really, REALLY wants to keep her. Her heart is set on it and if that changes I have a feeling that it would be due to circumstances out of her control and it would hurt her deeply. Well, I have spent the last month & a half getting to know her and truly coming to care for her and I just can not bring myself to pray for anything that would hurt her.... SO, I am praying the best way that I know how ... for God to do His will. What a novel concept, letting the One that created the universe have a say. Letting the One who created these two little lives choose where they live those lives and with whom.... I learned a long time ago that the truest - and hardest - form of prayer is giving it up to God and leaving it in His hands (this means NOT trying to take it back!!!). Now it is time to practice that discipline ....

Another blessing of the week is that the ladies of my church have decided to throw a shower for me - I have never had a baby shower, so I am so very excited!!! We got to go to Babies R Us and Target and register for stuff.... did I mention EXCITED!!! I may have gone a bit crazy, but tried to be good. The biggies that I put on the lists are a new swing (ours was a hand-me-down to begin with and then spent 10 months with Squeakie the Spitter and a few months with Hattie the spiller and Yogi the tinkler, so ... now it is in not the best of shapes!!), a highchair (same reason!!!) and a monitor that does two rooms at once!!!! Other that that, bottles, diapers, toys and stuff!!! I am just feeling so overwhelmed with blessings at the moment, I just don't know what to do!!!!
Thank you Father God for this amazing life and for Your sweet sweet sweet abundance!!!

Blog at ya soon!!!!

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