Friday, August 17, 2007

Even in the little things ...

Isn't it great to know that God is caring about EVERY thing in our lives, even the little things?!?!?! I am constantly amazed at how GOOD He is! It should no longer come as any surprise how well He takes care of us ... but then again, maybe it is good that is still surprises me!

So, the other day I was in a panic - the babies were scheduled to be born on the same day that Hattie was scheduled to start school. What do we do? Do we make Hattie miss her first day of school? Do one of us miss the babies births? Do we miss Hattie's 1st day and let someone else take her? Every option seemed UNTHINKABLE!! I cried, worried, pondered and brainstormed - all to no avail... Then, I prayed. I just gave it up to God and let Him do the thinking... I asked Him to somehow work it all out or give us an answer.... SHOCKER - He came through!

I talked to the transportation dept of the schhol district, as they were confirming our address and stuff... I asked if they knew whether Hattie was morning or afternoon (still trying to do the thinking, I thought I could possibly figure out a way to be at both!!). She told me afternoons, starting September 6Th!!!!! What! I must have heard wrong. Nope, her class starts a day later than everyone else!

So, PRAISE GOD!!! We get to be at both - The birth AND Hattie's first day of school...... Have I mentioned God's abundance lately?!?!?!

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LParsons said...

Beverly Bunch, God is good and see's and hears and knows all. He's timing is good also! I'am so excited for you! Cherish your time with Hattie and spend every second you can with her. Your days are soon going to filled crying, diapers and coo's... I know and trust God is speaking to Hattie's spirit in a way she can understand. Trust him, he's a good Big Papa!