Friday, July 20, 2007

The Sweet Life

So, here it is a quiet, peaceful, cool and breezy Friday morning and I am reflecting on this life that the Good, Sweet Lord has blessed me with. I am completely humbled and overwhelmed (Dirk, is it ok that this one more than "whelms" me?!) by His abundant grace.
He has provided a home for us - and not just a home, but the house of my dreams! I have a front porch, big back deck and a KILLER kitchen ... abundance!
He has blessed me with children - the 2 finest young men and sweetest little girl (with at least one more on the way!!!) that I could've asked for. Steven is loyal and strong and SOOOO much like his Dad. Chris is kind and good with a heart as soft as his Dad's. and Hattie is fun loving, adventurous, brave, funny and an amazing hugger - like her Dad. And to think that we will soon have another little blessing from Heaven (maybe two!!)... WOW! Again, abundance!!
Speaking of their Dad - could I have asked for a better man to spend my life with? I don't think so. He is everything a man should be and SO much more. He loves his children with abandon - would go to the ends of the earth on a moment's notice for any of them. He provides a stable life, allowing me to fulfill my dream of being a stay at home mom. And He loves me with a heart so true and good that, at times, I have to question my worthiness! But the best thing of all is that his heart is, first and foremost, firmly set on Jesus..... did I mention abundance?
So, one begs to ask the question, what did I do to deserve all of this abundance? The answer, of course, is absolutely nothing. I am undeserving of His provisions, not to mention His grace, His forgiveness, His love and His mercy. And still He offers them fresh and new every single morning without fail. Without requirements, without reservations, without questions and, amazingly, without grumbling!! And that, my friends, is the greatest abundance of all!!
I pray that I will not let a day go by that I am not face down in prayer - thanking Him for this abundance, begging for His forgiveness in the ways that I lack and praising Him for the life that He has blessed me with. Really, is "abundance" a strong enough word ... anyone got a better one?

2 of ya left some love:

Kate said...

Rejoicing with you! And to think that there is no way to fathom the depth of what is in store for us. Ever heard that song "Life is Good Eternal Life is Better." Oh only gets better from here.
Many (more) blessings to ya,

Anonymous said...

Becky, Thank you so much for sharing... What a testament to keeping your faith and waiting upon the Lord to work it all out the way he amazingly does! Keep the updates coming .... Joann