Monday, July 9, 2007

BIG DAY!!!!!
So, we met with Kim - the birth mom - today. It was a REALLY positive meeting and we are feeling pretty confident now that this will happen. She is still feeling that she will parent one of the twins herself, but the birth father has signed releases on both just in case! She is very sure of her decision for the adoption of "twin B" and has even asked if I would like to go to DR appointments and be there for the birth .... umm, let me think about that one ... YES!!!!! She even gave us ultrasound pics - Aint science great!!! So, it has been a pretty exciting day!! We will continue to keep ya up to date.....
Please continue your prayers: for Kim and the babies, for us to stay peaceful and for guidance and for our Miss Hattie to understand and accept and adjust to all of these changes!!
We love ya!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

GREAT NEWS! I'am so glad to hear all this! I was wondering... I'am so happy for you Becky. I know this isn't easy to go through but very exciting! I do pray that her heart will change and you guys will parent both babies! I can't imagine it any other way..