Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Twoggin ... It's All The Rage ... In My Own Little Head

Twoggin ... it's like Bloggin, Twitter style.

Ya know, in 140 Characters or less.  And, it's fun!!!

Try it.

I declare it Twoggy Tuesday! Here we go...............

*Coffee ... Stat ... What? It's how I start EVERY day. COFFEE ... STAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Amazing how quiet the house gets as that big loud bus rolls away.

*Jocelyn - her super power is messy. Miss Mess. I imagine her with a big, messy, red M on her chest.

*I am fairly certain I just saw a mouse run across my back patio and under the stairs. Call the trucks. Time to move.

*My husband knows just when to text or email me through the day at just the right time.

*His super power is Romance. We will not discuss his outfit. ... ahem ... **blush**

*I've discovered yet another fine British television drama. Their super power is TV.  And it is good.

*I need pizza. And chocolate. And Mexican food.

*Hallmark Channel. Their super power is Christmas movies.

*I watch TV while I edit pictures. Could you tell?  Little bit of an addict. Not ashamed. Much.

*Is it bad that I had music playing - and I was singing along - so loudly that I woke the baby up? Oopsies. Praise music does that to me. Gotta love Hillsong!

*All of my life, in every season, You are still God, I have a reason to praise. I have a reason to worship!

*Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders, let me walk upon the waters, where You would call me. Take me deeper than my feet would ever wander...

* ... and my faith would be made stronger in the presence of my Savior!!!

*Hattie just brought home a note that there is lice at school.  SWEAR WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*I checked both heads. So far, so good. Bring on the hair spray and braids.

*Sophie brought home very little homework today. I said how happy I was that there was no math. "I did it at school mommy. Cause I know you're allergic to math". Well played child!!!

*This dark by 5pm thing is getting old. Benjamin Franklin is NOT my favorite right now.

*It's a "yank it from the cabinet, throw it in a pan, mix it up and say a prayer" kinda dinner tonight. In other words, tomorrow is pay day. Yep. Super swell!

*Hubby may or may not have just walked in to find me in the throws of my own private dance party. But hey, when you're on God's Great Dance Floor, ya gotta dance!

*Hubby reading to two little girls while I finish dinner ... I find myself wondering why God chose to give these people to ME ... so unworthy. So very thankful. Grace is my favorite.

*My salsa bowl lickin, ketchup pack milkin, tomato soup drinkin child just declared tomatoes "YUCKY!"  I am so tempted to tell her, but then she may never eat veggies again!

*Teaching Hattie to wash her own hair is proving to be like ... like ... like ... well, like teach an autistic kid to wash her own hair. MAN it's a good thing she's cute.

*I still find it CRAZY that Sophie can read to me ... I mean, was she not just born last week???? Who told her it was ok to grow up? Sure wasn't me!!!

*My favorite sound in the world - listening to daddy tuck his girls in. They pray together and then they giggle together and then they I love you each other. My dreams come true.

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