Friday, January 25, 2013


We are finally getting back to normal ... except for the fact that I have now, somehow, become addicted to the lines that the vacuum cleaner makes on the carpet. Is it just me or do those lines make the whole room seem cleaner for some reason? I think so!

Still doing the daily vacuuming (have no idea what I'm talking about? Long version, see the last post. Short version, LICE! Yeah ... yuck ... but the house is clean!), daily hair checks, daily sheet changes (y'all! my reserve sheets are ugly. just sayin. may need to resolve that. feel bad for my girls), and daily bleaching of hair paraphernalia. My hands are RAW, my washer and dryer are threatening a boycott and my husband wishes I would just make dinner already instead of just CLEANING the kitchen, but my house is clean! YAY! (kinda)

I also want to thank everyone SO much for your input (and SWEET words) on my housework schedule dilemma  I did come up with a plan and have been following it for a week now. And, while this can, by no means, be considered a normal week, so far so good.  I think it's doable!!!

Yesterday was my swing day - the day when I pick a room for deep cleaning - so I hit the guestroom/office, where stacks upon stacks of junk stuff were waiting to be gone through. Funny how we put something off for so long cause we just KNOW that the task will be horrendous, and then when we finally do it, it takes no time at all. Ahhhhh ... I can open the blinds again. And, since that is the ONE room in the house with windows that face the street, it's a huge thing! Nice to know that we no longer look like we have something to hide!!!

Now, here is my new (old) goal. The first couple weeks of the new year I was really gettin into my groove as far as workouts. Even my man was in on it!!! (somebody give me a quick AMEN on that one!) We were getting up at 5 and heading to the basement together for a work out. One of us would hit the treadmill while the other did strength or some other work out. It was like a daily early morning date ... that no one dressed up for and was not really all that romantic, but ya gotta take it when you can get it, ya know?!

So, I was doing well and watching what I was eating and everything was groovy ... til I hurt my back. I ran a couple miles that morning. Then I did a Jillian satan Michaels work out. And then I folded socks ... and hurt my back. Folding socks. Which just proves my point that no good can come from laundry. At least not sock laundry ... socks - and their sorting needs - are my nemesis. I constantly toy with the idea of finding a pretty basket and leaving it in a central location and throwing ALL socks in there and the family can just find a matching pair for the day ... is that wrong?

Anyhoo, I hurt myself sorting socks and it all went to heck. I'm feeling MUCH better and am probably ready to run again, but I'm kinda skeered to try. Just gotta get back up on that horse ... gonna do it today! Yep. I am! (now I have to, cause I just told you I would ... please stalk me til I do!!)  I have not gained any weight back - YAY - but it's been a stretch. I had to remove all jewelry and my glasses to make the cut this week.

This would probably be easier if I didn't have celebratory cookies after each successful weigh in!

Yeah ... I should work on that.


So ... that's what's up with me. Now it's your turn ...


4 of ya left some love:

Janice C Johnson said...

I knew it! Sock-folding is of the devil. Good for you, though, doing the workout thing.
Jan (Visiting from Company Girls)

mholgate said...

I had to chuckle when I read this...I know that lice is no laughing matter, but I went through it last year with my kids and it seemed to be never ending! But it was very true, that my house (or at least the kids' rooms) was very clean because I wanted to get rid of those pesky bugs!

One More Equals Four said...

Bless your heart! Just finished reading the last several posts. All I can say should have a VERY clean house and lots of expertise! And now I know where to go if ever I should encounter this with my crew! Hope you reward yourself with a nice relaxing weekend! Blessings!

Groovewoman said...

I know this may sound crazy... but I have a feeling the back going out may have been due to the Jillian workout, rather than the sock folding. Why am I sayin this you ask? Well, my hubs thru his back out after a Jillian workout. He refuses to do the Jillian Shred workout again. He says that some of the postures/stances she puts you in while doing her moves are Incorrect. He knew that while doing it, but was going to trust she knew what she was talking about... until he threw his back out. So there ya go!
However, I'll be the first to hop on the "Folding Socks are Evil" bandwagon!! I HATE folding socks. Yes I said it... HATE!!