Tuesday, November 6, 2012

30DOT - Day 6 (and 4&5)

(surprise, surprise .. I missed a couple days on the old blog!!  Oops!!)

Day 4: Thankful for this girl!!  She makes me laugh like no one else. She has MOVES like no one else!!  And no one ... I mean NO ONE ... no one else would ever help me chase a puking cat through the house to get her down into the basement so she wouldn't puke on the carpet!!!

And, for REAL now. Where would I ever be without THIS FACE?!
Sweet MERCY I love this kid!!!

Day 5: I am thankful for this house!!!  After 3 years of renting (and not the best rentals, lemme tell ya), it is so nice to call someplace ours!  Thank you LORD!!!

Day 6:  Today I am thankful to be in this country!  I am thankful to be free.

Free to speak my mind without fear. Free to pursue my dreams. Free to raise my children the way I (WE) see fit.  Free to worship My Beautiful God!!!!!  And free to...

(FYI, I had to BEG for that sticker!!!)

But I am MOST thankful that, no matter WHO wins this election, My Jesus will still be King!!!

Because our redemption does not lie with the man we put in the white house, 
but in the man we put on the Cross!!!

God Bless America!!!

And, America ... let us Bless God!

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