Friday, November 2, 2012

30DOT - Day 2

Today I am thankful for one Miss Hattie Grace Beverly

Eight years ago today ... well, the story starts a little earlier than that ... 

I've told the tale before - HERE, if you want to read it...

But ... eight years ago today, a case worker came to our door with a tiny toe-headed baby girl. And our lived were forever changed.  This poor sweet baby was angry, she was scared and scarred and hurting and broken ... but then God.

God healed her with His love ... He healed us all. 

This road with this girl has had it's twists and turns and pot holes and flat out rollercoaster like drops - many of which took us by COMPLETE surprise!  But our God knew and He led us through ... truth be told, He CARRIED us through.

Hattie my love, you have made your mama a better person. You taught me how to love. You taught me how to be selfless. You taught me how to face adversity with strength and grace. 

I have had adventures with you that I would have NEVER seen coming. Adventures that I would not trade for anything in this big wide world.

I see you face challenges head on and come through them without even blinking and I wonder where you get that tenacity - oh my girl, God has made you strong. He has a plan for you my love. I cannot wait to watch it all unfold.

I know things get hard for you - harder sometimes than it should. I would give anything to take on those hard things for you. I really would. But, my sweet girl, I would never ever, EVER change who you are. 

Because you are sunshine and light, laughter and love, dirt and divine, stubborn and strong, sweet and soft, loving and lovely, charming and charmed. You are strength personified. YOU are YOU ... and that is enough.  SO much more than enough.

Being your mama has Blessed me in more ways than I could ever even begin to explain.

I love you Hattie Grace ... always and forever.

Happy Hattie Day!!!

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