Monday, September 10, 2012

Living and Active

Starting today Clare, over at Peak313 is beginning a 5 week challenge for fitness of body AND soul.

I am sooooooo in!!!  His Word and this temple?

Yes, please and thank you, I need to work on both!

So, since I have a workout routine (that I have been slacking on as of late ...), I will be continuing with that. Starting back on the Jillian train with the Shred (AKA 30 days of TORTURE!!!) and getting serious about my C25k program (couch to 5k - designed to get you running 3.1miles in 9 weeks ... totally works, totally recommend it. Started over to build up my speed. Back at it!!) are my plans.

But this challenge also includes diving into His Word. Even some Scripture memorization. YEAH! Sign me up for that one!!!!!!!!!!  I can ALWAYS use some more of that. More of HIM!

My friend Meghan turned me onto this thing and she is holding me accountable ... anyone else wanna play?!  Come on, dive in HERE!!!

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