Friday, September 21, 2012

Dear Steve ...

Ten years ago we were just beginning to explore our "feelings" for each other. We thought we might want to date but had a few obstacles standing in our way - not the least of which was a shared group of friends that were more like family. I was afraid of making them choose between us when we broke up (because, I was pretty sure you would figure out pretty dern quick how messed up I was and run like the wind) so I refused to date you til I knew it would work. So we were emailing back and forth to get to know each other better.  I found a card for your birthday ... a bear sitting on a fallen tree and it said "just logging on to wish you a happy birthday". Totally innocent to the outside world, but we already had our inside, hidden meaning, jokes. And, I am pretty sure that I knew right then and there that I was hooked.

Ten years and a MILLION inside jokes, hidden meaning phrases and emails behind us and I am more sure than ever ... I am forever and always hooked on you!

You stuck out my "crazy", put up with my whacked out sense of what love was supposed to look like and stuck around to show me that, while it may not be all tied up in a pretty bow, it is most assuredly, the best gift I have ever been given, this side of salvation.

The day we said I do is the day that all my dreams came true. I am still amazed every single day that He saw fit to bring me YOU ...
 ... and that YOU saw fit to choose me and love me the way you do. 

And, oh BABY, do you love me well!!!!

You are my shoulder to lean on in good times and in bad!!
Thank the Lord that we have had enough good times to make the "bad" seem like mere bumps in the road in comparison. And I look back on all we have learned through those times and am SO thankful that you were the one beside me. I would have surely lost all hope were it not for you pointing me, ever more, back to Him.  You are my map when the road is windy, leading me always down the Truest road we know.

You put up with the crazy that three females bring into your life like a champ!!!  Even when we are all off the charts with the moody and emotional, you love us still!!!
 (who knows WHAT Soph was moody about here, gotta love that expression!)

You stand beside me through all me experiments and trials of new and adventurous things ... and, baby, you are really the one that makes me BRAVE enough to try them all too. Photography, physical fitness (AFTER the age of 40 - Bless your sweet, patient soul!!!) and all of it. You stand behind me in love and support. WOW!
And you hold my hand when it gets scary, and pick me up when I fall. Never judging, always loving, you amaze me with your strength.

You make me smile and laugh and sigh with contentment and joy. 
I honestly have no idea how to put into words how truly HAPPY you make me. Yes, I have joy through it all, but the HAPPY - that emotion that is fleeting and unreliable - you provide that too. I just stinkin LIKE being your wife.  I just do. 

I love you forever more, but I am pretty sure I will LIKE you for always too!  Cause you are pretty ding dang fun and cool and wonderful!

Baby, your kisses ... well ... wow ... yeah, my heart still flips and my belly still flutters and I still get weak at the knees. Weather it's a gentle kiss on my cheek or you pull me in for a long, deep, passionate kiss ... yeah.
 Hubba Hubba



You are so wise and loving and true. You are YOU ... and that is enough.
You are my heart's desire and I am BLESSED to walk this road with you!

You lead this family with grace, strength, love, humility, power and prayer.

Your boys are men who want to be just like their dad.  And are great men because they take after your best traits.

Your girls love to be by your side and in your arms and hand in hand with their handsome prince.  You have set the bar for future men high and shown these girls what love looks like.  May they never be fooled or fall for less.  Your love as a daddy has shown them the love of the Father - may they chase after HIM, the way you chase after their sweet young hearts, and find the Forever Love like no other.  

Oh Honey, you are such a picture of the Truest love by the way you lead and love us all.

I have no idea where our road will lead us through this life.  But I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that having you by my side means the road will ALWAYS be interesting, ALWAYS be protected and ALWAYS lead to Him. 

I am BLESSED to love you and HONORED to call you mine.

I love you baby. I pray that you know that today and always.

And I need you to know that my love for you grows every single day. More than yesterday, less than tomorrow. Ever growing, ever closer, ever true.

Happy Birthday Farmboy, your Buttercup loves you ... always ... as you wish!!!!! 


2 of ya left some love:

j said...

That was beautiful! You do have yourself a good man! I'll agree with you on all that you said about him (except the kissing part! Hehe!) He surely leads, loves and provides for your family well. You are blessed (and bless us with your example). Happy birthday "just Steve!"

Sherry said...

Such beautiful words! You 're so blessed and lucky!