Sunday, January 8, 2012

Project 365 - Week 1

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(let's try this again, shall we?)

OK, here we go, first week of the new year.........

January 1, 1:37am - just coming in from our friends' New Years Eve party ... she survived an all nighter!! Opened her sweet eyes long enough to put her pj's on!!

January 3, 3:38pm - Signed up for a challenge to run 1,000 miles in 2012 ... these babies are about to get real busy!!!!!  (I made need a new pair soon!)

January 3, 10:49am - five minutes later, it stopped.  Five minutes after that the sun came out.
This was also her last day of Christmas break. That bed head, the pj's ... yeah, she is in for a rude awakening in the morning!!!

January 4, 3:01pm - Hanging (via internet stream) with about 44,000 18-25yr olds as they worship Jesus.  Passion 2012 was ah-ma-zing!!!!  These kids are gonna rock this world for HIM!

January 5, 11:22am - Big girls both at school and Alexis had her grandma day so it was just Eli and me ... he was lonely.  No matter how I tried to entertain him, he just hung out at the window, either lookin for the bus...
... or askin for his mama and daddy (who were off on a babymoon before new bro or sis comes!!)

January 6, 9:25pm - I was told of another challenge for the year that actually gives you tasks of what to take pictures of.  Thought I might try that .... today was things that make you smile!  THESE sock monkey slippers make me smile...
This FACE makes me smile!
And the free fun to be had with a cardboard box makes me smile!!!!

January 7, 10:54pm - Today's task was my favorite.  I was going to include pictures of my people but we had a full, fun day.  So my FAVORITE kind of day is a day SO full that I forget to remember my camera!

Thank you Sara for hosting us!  What a BLAST!  (I will try to do better this year.  Feel free to scream at me if I don't!!!)

So, how was YOUR week?!

9 of ya left some love:

LuAnn said...

Your kids are always so cute.

My son had the rude awakening on Tuesday. Didn't too bad.

rita said...

Congrats on new baby. When?
'Babymoon' sounds like a great idea!
You'll be running anyway, and how many miles per week? Wow!


I loved the kid pics. They were all precious. I too loved sock monkey.

semperfi said...

Love the sock monkey slippers. How COOL!!! The kids are cuties.

Anonymous said...

So excited you are joining us again!

Wow, running 1000 go girl!

My son's girlfriend was at passion and said it was just amazing.


Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Beautiful Children!

I have a young friend who went to Passion and came away just bubbling over with the Holy Spirit!

Great week!


Lisa said...

Yay for 1000 miles! It's works well for me to be part of a challenge, too. Kids are getting so big!!

The Bug said...

I'm impressed with your running goal - wow! I should try to WALK that many miles. Hmmm...

Love the sock monkey - I got a sock monkey wine bottle cover for my hubby last year :)

momma frans said...

welcome back!

my cousin and my best friend both went to passion and said it was incredible! what an amazing experience.