Tuesday, November 22, 2011

TWOGGin Tuesday

Time for a little TWOGGin ... Bloggin twitter style.  (140 characters or less ... try it, it's harder than it looks...)

*Well, hello again 4AM wake-up call ... can't say that I missed you.  (but really, I think I might've)

*Hattie just spent 2 minutes and 37 seconds telling me how grumpy she is ... all while trying not to laugh.  She makes ME laugh!

*Eli likes birds, judging from the "OOOOOH! Brrrrrrrrrds!" that just came squealing from my back seat.

*Apparently he likes busses too.

*Just dropped S off at school. I was handed a letter regarding the upcoming Christmas pageant.  My baby is old enough for THAT?! I need coffee to deal.

*My mommy is more wonderful, comforting and amazing than YOUR mommy.

*Alexis is not a fan of the sock.  Except perhaps the taste. But for purposes of covering the feet, she is over it.  Over.It.

*If it's gonna be THIS cold, I'm gonna need some snow.  It's only fair.

*Sophie just exited school wearing a pilgrim hat.  I have fallen in love all over again.

*Two babies and one hungry 4yr old at Costco.  I.Am.Brilliant.

*Also, the entire state of MI is here too.  Along with THEIR hungry children. We are, by and large, a brilliant state.

*LOVE having friends that listen.

*Dear Jesus, please come soon, this world is an ugly place.

*Dear Fancy New Pan, non stick my eye. Not so much love, Me

*The Mayhem guy from those insurance commercials is stinkin hilarious.  Watching my HUSBAND watch the ads, even funnier.


*CAUTION: never leave your laptop where little hands can reach.

*I can tell when my man has somethin up his sleeve ... I just can never tell what it is.  It's at once aggravating and exciting. I love his heart~

*It's officially Thanksgiving break. I will now spend the next 5 days praying my kids don't kill each other. Join me, won't you?

*The Christmas cards have been printed.  I feel the need to put an pair of reading glasses in every envelope.  Oops... That's some tiny print!

*Sophie and Eli are running circles around the coffee table and squealing in tones only dogs can hear.

*Hallmark is already showing Christmas movies ... SO happy! My girls have fallen in love with Eloise at Christmas Time. YES!!!

*Sometimes losing what you THOUGHT you wanted so badly, turns out to be very freeing.  AND it can open the door for something you never KNEW you really wanted.

*Yes, that was more than 140 characters ... that is what we call a "tweet longer" in the twitterverse.

*Julie Andrews is amazing.  Like, really, really amazing.

*Hattie got in trouble today for not going to circle time - she ran when Mrs R tried to talk to her. I asked her why she didn't go and she...

*... looked at me and said "Mrs R wanted to play chase. I had to run! it was FUN!!!!"  Nice spinnin Bill Clinton. (Note: work on honesty!)

*We have some big choices to make.  Praying for God to open the door we should go through. And hang neon signs & arrows on it too.

*It's a good thing Bible study is cancelled for tonight cause the video is taking a sweet forever to download.

*So ... forgetting milk at Costco was not my best move. Cause now someone has to go to the grocery. On Tuesday before T-giving.

*Literally, seconds after I typed that hubbs texted me "getting gas at costco, do we need anything?"  He reads my mind.

*Which means Hubbs is on his way home.

*Which means I better start dinner.

*Which means it's time to wrap up this edition if TWOGGin Tuesday!

*Try it, you'll like it!

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Fran said...

Too cute!!! Love it! Have a fabulous turkey week! :)

Love you bunches!