Monday, November 28, 2011

Open Doors

In our quest for a new home, we have seen some doozies.  And I DO mean DOO-ZIES!

Remember the picture I posted asking for your ideas to help make it "pretty"? Well ... it woulda taken alot more than paint and landscaping.  It seems that, on one whole side of the house, they kinda forgot the duct work for heating and air.  And they may have even forgot the plumbing.  If I had been able to get INTO that bathroom, I could tell you for sure, but since it was full of junk and there was no way to even enter it, it shall remain a mystery.

We've also seen serious water damage, sinking basements, buckling floors and entire walls falling down.

It has been scary.  But such is the journey when you are looking at older homes and foreclosures.

So, imagine our surprise when we discovered a development of new homes - like "we will build it for you" new homes - in our price range!!!  And, believe me, I know what you're thinking - "they're gonna getcha on all the ad on's", right?  Not so much!  The price includes granite countertops throughout, flooring of choice, sod in the yard, a sprinkler system and a FULL (including washer and dryer) appliance package.  WHAT?!

Soooo, we went, we saw, we fell in love...  (and, when I say WE fell in love, I mean ALL OF US.  Hattie and Sophie picked their bedrooms, even told us what color they want them, and Soph claimed the jacuzzi tub (also included!!!) in the master bath as her own.

And now, here we are.  We are sorting out the details, looking at our options, trying to secure financing (we are looking for a VA loan and they are harder to get on a construction loan) and praying.  Praying for favor with both finances and timing and praying that we will follow and remain in God's will for our family.

We are praying that we would find open doors - possibly even some neon signs and arrows pointing us through - if it IS His will ... and tightly closed doors if it is not.

If you would be willing to JOIN us in these prayers, we would be honored.

3 of ya left some love:

Kate said...

Hope you get the best of what you're looking for. :)

Anonymous said...

May God make His will crystal clear to you and give you the desire of your heart as you trust in Him.

Kathryn said...

Will be praying for God to CLEARLY show y'all His plan. I TOTALLY relate to the flashing, neon sign idea - need that most of the time myself! LOL

So excited and happy for y'all finding what seems to be the answer :)