Sunday, April 17, 2011

Project 365 - Week 16

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OK, I am just gonna save you the agony of havin to sit through over a month's worth of pictures (but, yes, I took them!!) and start with this last week. If you really want your eyeballs to bleed, the pics will be up on Facebook.

OK, here we go....
Sunday: This sweet face was my wake-up call. Gotta love an alarm clock like that!**

Monday: Hattie's first day of official Kindergarten. She was sooooo excited!

Tuesday: No babies today. And, with Hattie at school, it was just Sophie and me. So, we had ourselves a little date. Library, shopping and lunch! What a blast!**

Still Tuesday, but I LOVE this picture!!!**

**(Sunday and Tuesday's pics brought to you by my trusty cell phone!)

Wednesday: This is the kind of mommy I am. She hates writing ALMOST as much as I hate her hitting habit recently.
(So much change, so fast, with school seems to be a bit overwhelming for this sweet girl. This was only one of a FEW such notes she had to write this week. Poor thing.)

Thursday: Our Bible Study group had a celebration because one of our sweet girls finished her last round of weekly chemo this last week. And, we LOVE our Kim!!!

Friday: Slumber Party! Here they are dancing to one of the songs in the movie Despicable Me! They had a BALL!

Saturday: This sweet little girl's mommy and daddy are gettin married! And, I get the sweet job of photographing their big day. This was the day of the wedding shower, so we took a little practice run.

They are gonna be SO.MUCH.FUN. to photograph!

Thank you sweet Sara for hosting us ... LOVING this fun project!

So, how was YOUR week?

5 of ya left some love:

The Bug said...

LOVB that polka dot pic of the girls - they're so cute. And the dancing one. I wish I would be that carefree.

I was TERRIBLE at writing - still not great at it. Sigh. Thank goodness for computers!

Love that last picture - can't wait to see some wedding shots.

sara said...

Your girls are so stinkin' cute!!! but then, I know you know that!

yea! for date days with our kids!!!

RaD said...

I'm not much for writing either, so that would have been torture. However, I have been known to inflict such "torture" on my children when it seems nothing else is getting through to them.

Mimi said...

What dolls they are!

Have fun with the wedding,


Love the pictures from this week. Can't wait to see the wedding shots.