Monday, March 21, 2011

The Seven Year Photo Shoot

With Hattie turning seven a few weeks ago, it was time for some new pics of her. I wanted more than snapshots, but snapshots are usually as good as we can get with this one. She is NOT a fan of having her picture taken ... at all.

In fact, when the camera comes out, she can usually be found running for the hills.

But, on Sunday she was looking especially cute (in her FABULOUS shirt by Melissa at MCA Designs!!! PS: her models for the Easter shirts are impossibly cute ;-P), and was in a pretty good mood, so I decided to give it a try.

I knew the window of opportunity was small, so I just stood her in front of a brick wall and started snapping. We got a LOT of this ...

... and this ...

And then I just started teasing her and joking around with her and the REAL Hattie started to come out.

I LOVE these pictures

because they really show her personality

Her FUN side

Quirky nature

Sense of humor

And sense of fun
In short ...

... they show Hattie.

And THAT is simply lovely.

6 of ya left some love:

ocean mommy said...


Seriously, she is adorable!!!

I love photos that show personality!

Beautiful seven year old!

Tammy said...

She is absolutely too cute!!

j said...'s more than simply lovely, it's infectious! There is just something about that girl that makes my heart come alive with happiness when I see her. How can you not possibly love her? It would be impossible. Great 7 year pics Mama!

The Bug said...

These are great pictures! My favorite is the one with her tongue sticking out :) Actually my REAL favorite is the last one...

bebe said...

She's so cute! I love her hair!

Kelly said...

Love her sassy skirt. Very great depiction of her personality, luck she has a great photographer as a mom who can capture this. Can't believe she is 7.