Sunday, February 13, 2011

Project 365 - Week 6 and 7

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Once again, I have two weeks worth of pictures saved up for you. Cause it has been NUTS here and I have had no time to blog ... which I HATE! Sorry!

Anyway, here is a look at the last two weeks...

Sunday: The girls wanted to play in the snow out back, so hubby took the opportunity to light up the chiminea!! Our shredder broke a few months ago, so he took all the papers he had been saving up and set 'em ablaze!

I must say, junk mail, credit card applications and old bills make some nice kindling!

Monday: Alexis, a Boppy and a blow up ball ... pretty sweet combo!

Tuesday: Time for a new memory verse!!!

Wednesday: Lots and lots of snow.

Thursday: Buddies! Sophie can make Eli smile like no one else!

Friday: Yep ... that is my girl eating a turkey sandwich! And, if ya look close enough you can see her black eye. Poor baby!

Saturday: We had a date with Sophie's Mama Kim at McD's - Hattie loved the slide I loved what it did for her hair.

Static anyone?!

Sunday: Sophie - seriously, that face? Who could resist that?

Monday: I LOVE sweet friends who love my children well! These were notes and goodies sent to my girls to encourage them on some big steps that they have taken recently. LOVE that!

Tuesday: A package ready to go out for Joanne!

She is doing amazing things, by the way. SOOOO proud of her!

Wednesday: Icesicles ... they fascinate me!

Thursday: Alexis is NOT a fan of the rice cereal ... this is her giving me a dirty look. Think it's time to try something a little more fun!

Friday: Sophie is trying so hard to be a big girl like her sister ... even trying to write her name.

Saturday: A little lap top in the windowsill. Love this!

Sunday - a Valentine date with my love! One of our fave places to eat (with leftovers for later too!) ...

... and a little bit of reliving our past. For our first valentine's together, he brought me here to meet his family. We took a drive and ended up at the lake where we were able to walk out on the ice. So, today, we went back to that spot and remembered.

I do love that man!!!

So, there ya have it. A look at our lives! Thank you Sara for hosting us again! I LOVE this project!

So ... how was YOUR week?

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The Bug said...

Wow - I have no idea what we did for our first Valentine's - which would have been 22 years ago. Probably not much - it took Dr. M a few years to get in the swing of having a girlfriend/wife.

Love the rice cereal look - too cute!

sara said...

too many great photos to comment!!! Love, Love them all!!

Your girls are so adorable...even with a black eye!!! :)

Mimi said...

What a great post. My hubs & I have a special spot that we like to visit when we can too.

Have a fantastic week,

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Great pictures!

What sweet little faces!


The Cyber Hermit said...

Really beautiful photos. I love the expressions you've captured on the kids' faces - just wonderful and full of life and individuality.

RaD said...

I've had to post two weeks at one time before so I know how you feel. Love all the smiling and sweet faces this week!

Anonymous said...


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