Monday, November 8, 2010

Lessons Learned

Mornings here in B Manor can tend to get away from us if we let them.

The routine I LIKE to follow has me up at about 5:45, while the house is quiet and still. This is the time I spend with my Father. Just He and I while the house sleeps. Then, as Hubby stumbles out of bed, I set off on my morning run where I spend MORE time with HIM. (Trust me, MANY prayers are sent up - especially on the really cold or really hot mornings!!) My MP3 player (it's a fauxPod) pumps a steady supply of praise music (and a little soundtrack magic - Mamma Mia, Glee, Grease - don't judge!) to keep my pace up and my spirits high. Then, I come home to happy people just rising from their slumber and peacefully getting ready for the day...

(this is where the needle scratches across the record and awakes me from my daydream)

Yeah, that is the routine I LIKE to follow ... and actually have a time or two.

But, most mornings involve a wee bit more chaos than that.

THIS morning was one of THOSE mornings.

I did get my quiet time and my run in (MIRACLE!) and the people were happy when I returned. But the people were NOT dressed and ready to go as they should have been by that time (Yeah, I got up late and threw everything off).

And, so it began, the rushing and the prodding to GET DRESSED! WHERE ARE YOUR SHOES? NO - NOT SHORTS! EAT YOUR BREAKFAST! BRUSH YOUR TEETH! WELL, FIND YOUR JACKET THEN! You understand? Right?

(crickets chirping)

(TELL me I am not alone!)

And, because I had to spend so much time getting Hattie ready for school, I had less time to spend getting Sophie ready to send Hattie off to school. There is the whole process of shoes, jackets and hat so that she can go out to the bus, say hello to her BFF, Bus Driver Bonnie and sweet Joseph who is always in the very front seat (though, not always awake!) and read the words printed on the stairs ... "Watch Your Step". It's a routine she cherishes.

However, Sophie is having a few attitude issues of late. Seems her favorite phrases are "no mommy, I not" or "I caaaannnn't" (read: WHINEY voice) when asked to do something. So, in an effort to help her learn to be more cooperative, we are letting her live with the consequences of NOT doing what she is asked. This is a hard process for ALL of us...

This morning was a prime example of HOW hard it is.

While we were getting ready for the bus Sophie repeatedly ignored our suggestions to put on her boots and coat. We set her up for success - placing the boots at her feet and the jacket by her side. We even warned her that it was VERY cold outside and if she did not get dressed she was NOT going out. But she chose to play instead. She drew happy faces on the frosty window ...
... which we opened to show her JUST how cold it was outside. But, even though the bus was 10 minutes late, giving her plenty of time, she did NOT get dressed.

And then the bus came. She attempted to make her way out the door, but I would not let her. Hattie and I went to the bus without her. She stood at the door screaming for me. Breaking my heart. But I stood my ground.

Then it happened, she tried to come out anyway. I had my back to the door and didn't see her there. But Bus Driver Bonnie did. And SHE yelled at Sophie to get back inside. Breaking her sweet little heart.

And, as I walked back in the house I could not help but think of the lessons my baby girl was (hopefully) learning. And how similar I am to her.

God sets me up for success - places all the tools I need in front of me. His Word, His people, His Truth ... HIMSELF. All I need to do is grasp a hold of it ... to HIM. But, instead I stand around making smiley faces in frosty windows, trying to pretend that I have it all together and am ready for the journey.

And then my surroundings cave in around me, leaving me unprotected in the cold air all alone ...

But I am NOT alone. I am NEVER alone.

HE is with me. His hand prints on my life reminding me ...
... even in the frosty glass moments of my life, that He is here. He reminds me of all He's placed before me - all I need for this journey called life. And He gives me a second chance ... and a third ... and a fourth ... all the chances I need to succeed. New chances, new MERCIES, every morning - and some days, every five minutes.

But not because MY participation in the journey is so vital.

But because, He is just that good.

And, with HIM, I can pull up my boots, cover myself in the warmth of His love and peace and make it through the harshest winter.

Because, in HIM, I have all I need.

5 of ya left some love:

Aron and Erica said...

you are not the only one, friend! I love you & I loved this post!

Kelli said...

Oh yes, you are not alone. On so many levels.

Melissa said...

Love this analogy! So true.

I was giggling as I read this, remembering our recent conversation. I am PROUD of you!

Kelly said...

Loved this post and was wondering if you were at the Nugent's this am?

j said...

Oh that as just beautiful! Gave me glory bumps to read. Love the analogy of a little stubborn girl at the cold window being not so different from us. No, you are not alone. Stand firm with that little one, she will learn and it won't break your heart time after time after time again (it WILL however break once she is a teen and never learned those lessons you are critically and painfully teaching her now). Proud of you. Love your heart. Love you.