Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dear Sophie ...

My Darling Girl,

Today you are three ... and your mama's heart both soars and breaks at the same time. You are no longer a baby. Not even a toddler. Today, you are officially a preschooler.

I am over come with pride at the girl you are becoming each and every day, but that sweet baby that slept in my arms is further and further behind with each tick of the clock. I think, because you are my last baby, there will always be a part of me that wants you to remain a baby. But I know you must grow, so I guess I better get used to it.

Yesterday morning you came down the stairs and crawled into bed with daddy and me. You snuggled in close and put your little hand on my cheek and said "good morning mommy. I like your face". I giggled and said "I like YOUR face ... and today is the last day your face will be two." And then I cried

And, right before you went to bed, I took the very last pictures of you as a two year old baby...

(by the way, thank you for making my hair so pretty for these pictures!!)

But, today I was strong.

Strong as I put you in a new big girl car seat (a booster seat - you are SO proud!). Strong as I watched you walk into Sunday school, closing the door behind you - not even worrying about where I was. Strong as you hemmed and hawed while making the very difficult choice of where we would eat for your birthday lunch. And strong as I watched you chit chat with your friends and family at church, at someone else's birthday party (don't worry, yours is tomorrow) and at Aunt Weezer's house! And strong as I watched you CLIMB into the tree I that I had to hold you in for your ONE year old picture.

Oh my, how you have grown.

So, this morning, I took the very FIRST picture of you as a THREE year old!

And, then I set an alarm for 3:02pm ... I could take pictures of you at the very MOMENT you officially turned three years old.

I just pointed my camera at you and started shooting.

I didn't want to pose you this time ...

...I wanted to just capture YOU ...

...being you.

Because YOU are the sweetest three year old girl I know.

Three years ago tonight, as I watched you sleep in my arms, I knew that what I had prayed for had been given. I knew that I would love you immensely. I knew that you would hold my heart in your hand and wrap me around your sweet little finger. And I knew that I would LOVE being your mommy.

But, my sweet, beautiful, funny, loving, precious, precious girl, I could never have imagined what a wild, wonderful ride life with you would be. You keep me on my toes, that is for sure. You have more energy than ANYONE I have ever known. You talk nonstop - even in your sleep! You dance like nobody's business. You sing at the top of your lungs. You hug harder and longer than I deserve. You say I love you of your own free will - often stopping what you are doing to come over and wrap your arms around my neck to tell me. You tease your sister without shame, but love her more than anything. And you UNDERSTAND her better than anyone else. You LOVE your little friends - especially Evy and Max. You have a fun and fabulous imagination. And you are so very fun to be around.

In short, my beautiful girl, you are one of my greatest joys.

Being your mommy has changed me in ways I could NEVER have imagined. YOU are my adventure.

I love you my little Bug. So, so, so much!

Happy birthday Baby Girl (can I still call you that?), thank you for being mine!
Your Mama

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j said...

what a beautiful letter to your beautiful little girl. what a journey, a dream come to life, a heart story, a family that had love waiting and longing to be poured out on her...a girl that was chosen. chosen by a wise God who knew what she needed most and what you needed most, so He brought you together and wove you tightly into a beautiful tapestry of family. happy birthday sophie. you are a joy!

sara said...

this is the sweetest post ever!!!

Happy Birthday to Sophie!!!!

Kate said...

:) Very Sweet!