Monday, July 12, 2010

You've Lost That Bloggy Feeling

Well, OK, truth be told I'VE lost the bloggy feeling.

Not really "lost" it. I mean, I still want to blog.

I still LOVE to blog.

I still crave the emotional, artistic and creative release that comes from writing. I still enjoy the process of putting words and pictures together to tell a story and make it come to life. And I do NOT want to stop that process.

Maybe it's writer's block ... but I still have alot to say.

Maybe it's lack of time ... but I sit here and stare at the blank screen on a frightening regular basis.

Maybe it's lack of material ... but my kids are as cute as ever, my life as full as ever and my God as ginormously magnificent as ever.

So ... what could it be.

I think it might be like everything else in life that requires will power. I have to actually EMPLOY the will power to get the job done. And, I am starting to see that I seem to put ALL my will power into one thing at a time. I need to work on that.

Yeah, I need to work on that ALOT.

So, here is where that process begins.

Lately my will has gone into my fitness goals. I am down just under 33 pounds, I am on my way to finishing a Couch-2-5K program (umm, did ya hear that ... FINISHING!! Yes, I WILL finish it!), I workout at least 5 times a week, usually six and I am REALLY watching what I eat. Almost to the point of obsession. Even my mom and my hubbs have chided me on not getting so focused on the what and how much that I forget to enjoy it.

Now, I realize that the main point of food is to act as fuel for our bodies. I get that. But, I'm just thinkin that there is a REASON that God made it taste so good. I mean, come on now, am I right?

So, I really think that, while these goals are a GREAT thing, there are other things that deserve attention too. Other avenues for my will power to take me down.

Now, I love y'all and you have been soooo amazing at holding me accountable in SO many things (fitness being a HUGE one!), that I am gonna count on you for one more...

I need to get back to this. So, if you don't see me on here, call me on it. I need my friends that see me on a regular basis to whack me upside the head and my far away friends to - literally - call me on it. Pick up the phone - text, message, email, CALL ... whatever it takes. Keep me on task.

But, more than ANYTHING, I need to get back to HIM. My Bloggy friends keep me focused on Him and my church friends and FAMILY - well, there is so much to be said for small groups, Bible studies and PRAYING together. I need to DIVE back into the word - and I am. I am doing the Ruth study with the LPM girls. Even if I go it alone, I WILL finish it this time. I am going to read the Word more, start back up on my one year plan for the Bible and I am going to get back into my prayer journal. THAT is my own personal accountability and I have really let it slide.

So, these are my plans - expand my will power and focus to make a healthier me. A better mom to my kids. A more loving and happy wife to my man. And a more devoted and loving child to my King.

Well, lookey there ... that just might be that bloggy feeling comin back.

And, ya know, I think I like it.

2 of ya left some love:

j said...

I don't think that bloggy feeling is "gone, gone, gone" anymore! Glad to have you back in the blogging world. Never feel like you HAVE to blog (then it'll become unenjoyable)...just do what you can, when you can, with what you have, or with what your heart is calling you to release and share. All in moderation. I'm a faithful BeckyJoMama I'll always be coming back for more (even when the posts are fewer and far in between).

Pat said...

You are such a sweetheart. You make me smile. Thank you for hanging in there with blogging. I don't visit around blog world much but I always stop by your house when I do and love your sweet tweets as well,
My love to you sister!