Saturday, June 12, 2010

Winner, Winner, Chicken (Enchilada) Dinner

(because "chicken dinner" is just so common and, honestly, I just have Mexican food on the brain!)

So, CLEARLY, when I said I'd pick a winner "Saturday afternoon", what I meant was Saturday afternoon ... in, like, Hawaii or someplace. Or, ya know, something like that.

Cause I mean, come ON, I am never one to procrastinate or anything like that ... no ... uh huh ... not me.


So, that being said ... a winner has been chosen.

And here is how it was done:

Me: Honey, pick a number between one and nine.

Hubs: wha..? (he is very sleepy)

Me: Pick a number between one and nine ... please.

Hubs: why?

Me: It's for the blog.

Hubs: for MY blog? (who knew he even HAD a blog?!)

Me: No ... for MY blog.

Hubs: What are we doin here?

Me: Givin stuff away ... pick a number!

Hubs: Six ... how's that?

Me: That is super swell ... thanks.

Hubs: Anytime.

(and, with that, you get a look into the thrilling goings on of the fascinating lives here in B Manor!)

(I know you are excited!!)

Anyhoo - since the very technical choosing process chose number six, and the sixth comment was from the lovely J (AKA Amanda, or as I like to call her, SuperModel!), then SHE is the winner! Congratulations Girl!

And, since y'all asked, HERE is where you can order a CD - or one of her beautiful t-shirts. And, the really cool thing about the shirts is that it's part of the Got Your Back program and when you order one for yourself (for $15) you also get to send one to someone in Haiti that has a need. How cool is that? Yeah, I told you this girl has a heart for God like nobody's business. So does her mama ... or, as we affectionately call her, Momager!

OR, if you are the downloading type, you can down load the music HERE. But, then you would not get the BEAUTIFUL cover that her Mama created. And, really? Who does not wanna look at this:

(Her mama, Melissa - also one of my very best friends - is an AMAZING photographer and also makes some super cute crafts that she sells in the store on her sight. Got my eye on one of those bags!!!)

Thank you all for participating and, again, congratulations Amanda ... I will get you your disc as soon as possible! I KNOW you are gonna love it!

1 of ya left some love:

j said...

I'm must be my lucky day today! I can't wait to give a listen! Yeah :)