Sunday, January 17, 2010

Project 365 - week 3

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Can I just say, one more time, how very happy I am that Sara is hosting this project again. Not only do I like taking the pictures, I LOVE the way it chronicles a year in the life of my family - especially my children. Since I am a wanna be scrapbooker at best, this is the closest thing I have to that for them.

Who knows, maybe someday I'll finish my wedding album and can start on books for them. Till then, thank Heavens for this blog!!!

OK, here we go...

Sunday: Snow Bunnies! Happy ...

... and sad! (Soph does NOT like having her nose wiped!!!)

Monday: My friends in the South were out of school for 2 to 3 days for a 1/2inch of snow. Here in the frozen North, we got over 3 inches, it was still falling and we had school! Go figure!

Tuesday: Princess Sophie! I LOVE how you can see her face through the sleeve.

Wednesday: Faith ... 'Nuff said.

Thursday: Hattie sportin a new do ... and strikin a SASSY pose!

Friday: Joy ... this is what it looks like!

Saturday: Splish Splash! Sophie's takin a bath!

Sunday: An apple a day! I found this on the counter - after following a trail of chewed up apple peels. I guess Sophie was hungry!

Feel free to join us - this is a GREAT project! Just jump on over to Sara's place for details!

And, tell me ... how was YOUR week?

14 of ya left some love:

H-Mama said...

In our neck of the woods, school closed early for... cold weather, no snow. Funny!

Love the new "do". :)

skoots1mom said...

oh, SO love your pics...especially the bath one with the splashy water :)
the haircut is SO cute
have a great week 4

sara said...

those are the cutest snow bunnies I have ever seen!!!

love the picture of sophie in her princess outfit!

I have that same faith knickknack and it hangs like yours in my kitchen!

yes, that IS what joy looks like.

great week!

Amy said...

I don't like wiping my nose either, but such cute snow bunnies. Those southerns don't know how to deal with snow. I am from Iowa and lived in Arkansas for awhile. I thought it was funny when we would get out of school if there was even talk of snow coming...ha ha!!

Great pictures


Rebecca Jo said...

I cant decide which is my favorite - the catch of the water up in the air during bath time... or the face through the sleeve... wonder photography there!

Cathy said...

Such adorable pictures of your girls. Love the new haircut!

j said...

love love love the bathtub shot. how adorable! that's a framer for sure. and, i've found my share of apples just like that...a few nibbles and then they are done. that or brayden eats the whole thing including the core!

looks like it's been a great week at b-manor! lovin hattie's hair too...she let me get a good look and a squeeze hug today at church.

angie128 said...

Love the splashy water shot. Wow!

And yes, I'm still jealous of your snow.

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Your girls are so cute! Great pics this week!!

Kim said...

You get the best, most interesting shots of your girls! This is something they'll treasure. Maybe you should do Blurb books for them?

Love, love, love the splish, splash photo -- pure joy!

Darla said...

glad you have joined the 365 fun! i did it last year and i just couldnt think of not doing it again. it's awesome! you have some wonderful subjects to take photos of too. i wish i had started when my kids were little. it's amazing how fast they grow up right before our eyes.

Mel @ Studio MCA Designs said...

I am trying to do this, but struggling with it. I take lot of pics every week, just not each and every day. Love yours! Do you put them into a book?

Abiding Branch said...

those are awesome pics and that IS a great capture of what JOY looks like! Sure blessed me!

rita said...

Amazing photography!
Adorable girls!
Wonderful material for blurb books to be treasured forever.
If only I had started sooner...
Of course blogging did not exist back then. I am still working on scrapbooking all the lost years. The grandkids LOVE to look through the photo albums.