Monday, November 2, 2009

Five Years Of You

Five years ago today a car pulled into our driveway and a lady that we would never see again stepped out and brought a gift to our door.

A gift that would change our lives forever.

That would make our dreams come true and fulfill a promise from long ago.

A promise made by God, Himself.

And because every good and perfect thing comes from Him, we knew that she had to have come straight from Heaven.

And since that very first moment, every single moment to follow has been an adventure that we would not trade for anything on this earth.

Happy Hattie Day sweet girl.

You are so very, very loved!

3 of ya left some love:

Susan said...

So made my evening! Happy Hattie Day!
Love you, girl.

Meeghan said...

so precious...she is a BEAUTIFUL little girl. Happy Hattie day!!!

j said...

Beautiful! A precious little girl...fearfully and wonderfully made. With two wonderful parents that God knew needed her as much as she needed them...a perfect match. Love you sweet Hattie girl!