Sunday, September 20, 2009

Project 365 - Week 38

Thanks to Sara for hosting this little extravaganza! If you would like to see more, just hop on over to her place and check em out!

It seems we have all settled quite nicely into this new fall schedule. Hattie is LOVING school and Sophie no longer screams as that big yellow beast carries her sister away each morning. She just kinda whines as she says goodbye. It really is pretty pathetic to see how sad she gets ... ya know, in an utterly sweet way!

I love the way their relationship is forming into a very unique kind of friendship. I cannot wait to watch it grow.

Anyhoo - here is our week!!!

Monday - Sophie's attempts to keep from getting bored are often directed toward the cats. I don't think Kali was nearly as excited about this impromptu birthday party as Sophie had expected her to be!!

Tuesday - The season premiere of Biggest Loser sparked a new found fervor for physical fitness. I want to spend YEARS watching my children and their children grow. I will not rob them of years with their mama just to stuff my face!

Wednesday - Salsa Salad ... and, yes, it WAS as good as it looks!

Thursday - in an effort to save the sanity of the cats, we worked on a little art project! She had a blast!

Friday - Two princesses on their way into the Enchanted Forest for Princess Belle's third birthday party! It was BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to show you more!!

Saturday - An old fashioned blanket fort - I think Daddy had just as much fun as his girlies did!

Sunday - We took a little road trip after church and at one point I glanced in the back seat and found this.

And my mama's heart lept with sweet joy.

So, how was YOUR week?!

6 of ya left some love:

sara said...

what a great week!!

That last picture just stole my sweet!!!

I think I need that note on my fridge too....

the cat made me laugh. I found my daughter, at 2 1/2, trying to nurse the dog once. then when she was about 6, I found her "witnessing" to the dog....telling how he needed Jesus in his heart! so funny!

Kim said...

It's wonderful to see our children develop close relationships that will take them through life. Friends come and go, but family is with you forever. Mine are almost 5 years apart but get along so well. We're very thankful they have a great relationship and are so supportive of one another.

Have a wonderful week and enjoy those precious moments that just happen :-)

Alana said...

Aw, I love, love, LOVE that last one! And the one with the crayons...too cute!

calista said...

Love the cat in the hat!!
And love, love, love the girlies holdin' hands. I would have never thought that would mean so much 'till I had my own two little ones!

Darla said...

great photos. i especially love the girls holding hands, and the enchanted forest...makes me think of my girls, they get along so well.

rita said...

So very sweet.
Loved the photos and narrative!
Such a great Mommy!