Monday, August 10, 2009

This Is Where I Beg Your Forgiveness And Promise To Blog A Little More Frequently ...

I have been a VERY bad bloggy friend this summer ... VERY bad.

And, here and now, is where I promise to make up for lost time and tell you a bit about our summer.

I spent most of the summer training for a triathlon ... an event which I, sadly, did not even get to participate in. And, for the record, shin splints do NOT get better by just pushin through the pain. I did get to go to the event and cheer my friends on...

... and take a whole ton of pictures - I am workin on a little slide show. That guarantees a post for another day! Because my sweet, heroic friends who DID participate deserve a post of their own. Especially Kelly

and Jane

who came in 1st and 3rd for the women (Jane, by the way, was robbed and SHOULD have come in at least second. Unfortunately she missed a turn on the bike portion and rode a couple miles or so before realizing her error and turning around. Girlfriend was NOT happy!!!)

I also had a birthday last month. Now, I knew that the hubby had something up his sleeve but wasn't sure what it was. I could not have even begun to prepare myself for what he had planned....

Here is a glimpse of my surprise ...

Yeah, that would be my mommy - who flew in for my birthday! Please ignore the fact that I had just woke up and had been cryin my eyes out over my surprise!!! We had a whole 36 hours together before she flew back. I had a stinkin blast with her and could not have felt more loved. Thanks Honey, and thanks mommy!

We also spent a day at the beach, just my little fam and me.

The girls had a blast - until it was time to go home of course. THAT was not so much fun at all!!!

And, given the fact that we were parked DIRECTLY in front of the police station, draggin two screaming children and (because our keyless entry thingy does not work at the moment) setting off the car alarm, it was NOT the highlight of the day for mommy and daddy either. Just sayin!

We have also spent a LOT of time with this sweet thing too...

... Miss Belle. Our Monday dates with her are numbered though because her sweet mama, Mrs. Erica, is bout to give birth any day to a bouncing baby boy. I am TOTALLY lookin forward to that even because I have been asked to attend said birth and be the official photographer!

I do hope that it doesn't happen next weekend though. Because NEXT weekend I will be camping, with a few thousand of my closest friends, in little pink tents.

Because, for the 5th year in a row I will be participating in the Breast Cancer 3day. I am a member of the crew - which means I do not do the walk, but I work the event and support the walkers in ANY WAY I can! I am also raising money to benefit the Susan G Komen foundation in their support of breast cancer patients, awareness and the search for a cure. I do it for Marla, Holly, Alice and Donna - who all survived the dreaded disease. I do it for my Bev, who is fighting it right now! I do it for my Grandma who won HER battle and lived to be the sweet age of 95 years young before going Home to Jesus!

And I do it for Paula, my BFF, whom we lost to this stinky stuff 5 years ago. I will fight to the end to be sure that her girls do not have to face that battle. IF you feel led, at all, to support this endeavor, please visit my fundraiser page. Every little bit helps!

OR, support me with your prayers - prayers for a safe weekend for all involved, for my man and girls at home without me, and for a CURE for cancer. ALL types of cancer. Because EVERYONE deserves a lifetime!!!!

I have so many other things to share about the summer, and I will, but given the fact that Sesame Street just ended, my time for blogging is up for the morning. So, I gotta go for now, but in the words of Arnold, I'll be back!!!!!!!!!

4 of ya left some love:

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Becky Jo - I just love visiting you here! You bless me in so many ways and I am glad that you are still around in bloggyland.

Many blessings today,

calista said...

Love it!! You have your momma's friendly eyes!

angie128 said...

Love the pic of your girls at the water's edge. Precious.

And once again, I will say, you & your mom look just alike.

j said...

Glad you're back...i was wondering where you've been! Great beach steve's "where the wild things are" shirt. brayden has one of max and beast that says "making mischief". Hadn't seen an adult one! Very cute.