Monday, August 24, 2009

Friends ... Even Though We've Never Met

I know some of you may not understand this, and some of you will know all too well what I'm talkin about.

I have "imaginary" friends.

OK, before you get too excited, please understand, they are REAL people - flesh and blood. And they are REAL friends - the kind that have been there to pick me up when I'm down, support me through some rough stuff, encourage me when I need it, celebrate my victories with me, love me through it all and NEVER give up on me.

They are only "imaginary" in the sense that, for the most part, I have never met them. At least not face to face.

Let me explain ...

A few years ago my PBFF Beth Moore, along with her daughters Amanda and Melissa, started a little blog. They wanted to be able to encourage Christian women and to share a bit more of themselves with the women they love ... and they do love ALL women! And, I feel pretty safe in saying, they probably had NO earthly idea how far and wide the community they were creating would spread. OR how the word "community" could, and would, take on a whole new meaning.

One day Beth was writing a blog post and attempted to send a message to her "sistas in Christ". Spell check, however, corrected "sistas" to "siestas" and, as silly as it seems, that is the name that has stuck. We became the Siestas. Last August there was even a gathering of many of these women, aptly titled "The Siesta Fiesta" ... only I didn't get to go :(

But these women bloggers who frequented the LPM Blog (Beth's) had begun to frequent each others' blogs - and some (myself included) were even spurred on to start their OWN blogs. Through time we came to feel as if we knew each other - we had, after all, been looking into each other's lives for a while now. And, without even realizing that it was "strange", we actually started to become friends.

Almost a year ago one of these friends and I realized we lived somewhat close to each other so we decided to meet for lunch. And in one instant Teri went from being an imaginary friend to a REAL LIFE friend. She has truly become one of the closest friends I have. And because she had been to the siesta fiesta and had actually met some of my other imaginary friends, she became my link to them.

So, a few months later I received a surprise phone call from Fran - one of my all time favorite bloggers - who had gotten my number from Teri. And, let me tell you that Fran has seen me through more stuff than I can even begin to explain. She is truly a heart friend, in soooo many ways.

Eventually we connected on Facebook and Twitter too. These mediums have proven to only strengthen the bond shared by these women who love the Lord and who love on each other so very well. We have laughed together, prayed for each other, for each other's marriages, homes, children, families and lives. We have documented our mutual love for coffee, shopping, good food and Jesus. We have lamented our mutual disdain for bad TV, bad coffee, bad politics, a lack of realism and transparency in the world and, just this morning, chocolate covered bacon (YUCK!!). We have formed real, true friendships.

The kind of friendships that most people just do NOT understand. I mean, really, sharing personal information with someone over the internet?! It is unheard of ... unless you KNOW, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that these friendships have been truly ordained by God.

I mean, really, there is no one else BUT God who could do this.

Only HE could take strangers spread across the country (and in some cases, even further!!) and weave together a blanket that could cover every hurt, shelter every weakness and unite scattered hearts.

And, really, only HE could put Teri and I in a car for nearly an hour, through the streets of Detroit, on a quest to the airport to see someone that neither of us had ever even met. Only HE could let a girl feel safe enough to give someone SHE had never met flight information so that they COULD come to the airport just to spend a couple hours lovin on each other!!!

But that is just what happened...

And, truly, meeting Robyn was just like pickin up with an old friend!!!

Because, after all, we have been friends for a while now ...

Just imaginary friends.

But REAL friends too.

Friends ... even though we've never met ...

... until last night.

Really ... do ya think Beth had ANY idea at all?!?!

13 of ya left some love:

Teri~Facedown said...

I am overwhelmed with thanksgiving at such a loving and gracious God. His plan and purposes are far above ours and I am thankful he threw us together! You are a precious sister and I love you dearly!

tonya said...

I was so blessed to meet Robyn during my dad's stay in the hospital as she brought us lunch. That was the FIRST time to meet her....bringing food to strangers in the hospital, how awesome is that?

Then, I was blessed Saturday to meet some more of my "imaginary friends". I told them Saturday that there are times, thanks to Twitter, y'all know more about what is going on with me than the people I know in "real life".

I love all of y'all and am blessed and amazed by God's greatness to unite across the miles.

HisTreasuredPossession said...

that's is AWESOME!!!

so delighted to hear this story!


Joyce said...

Hi...I just hopped over from the LPM blog...your comment somehow jumped out at me...I will pray for your daughter...I was a speech pathologist and later a kindergarten teacher way back when and I do understand a little bit the frustration you are feeling...praying in this new school year and in this new program she will find her voice.

I loved this post you wrote today. I started blogging after reading the LPM blog and I wonder if they took a survey how many commenters there would say they began a blog in the same way.

Enjoy your little sweet daughters are both college students...seems like only yesterday I was the mother of a 5 year old. Hoping this is a wonderful year for you with yours!

Donna @ WayMoreHomemade said...

So funny that you and Fran both did posts like this. And I'll be writing one tonight to post tomorrow. :) You girls are the BEST!!!

Fran said...

Ok, it really is weird that we both wrote about this imaginary yet real life friend thing we got going on!!!!

I thank God for you "heck no." I pray for your precious family and your sweet soul as a momma and wife.

What a gift you are to me. You are it on a stick and I love ya.

There WILL be tears when we meet face to face.

So much love,

Kelly said...

Great blog Becky Jo. Glad you were able to meet these ladies, they sound great!

Mary said...

Just love this post -- and as a twitter friend who wasn't at the Siesta Fiesta, I completely get this! I haven't met so many of these women but still call so many of them friend!

And praise God for bringing this all together!

3girlsmom said...

Seriously? You and Fran posting? I CAN'T EVEN TAKE IT!
Tears, they are a'flowin.

I adore you. I'm so glad I met you. My life is happier with you and Teri in it FOR REAL.

And no, I don't think Beth (or Amanda - the brains behind the blog idea) had ANY idea. I think they will be very clappy if they find out, though.


Patti and Bruce said...

Soooo funny you wrote this today!!! I just hopped over to your blog because of your comment on LPM :) My daughter has special needs too and is heading off to grade 1 in 2 weeks. So I was curious about you and your daughter :) in a good way don't worry. I've been a seista for about 18 months but don't often comment. Today I had to. So I'll pray for your daughter, that this program will be just what she needs and you'll get your conversation with her :) multiplied by millions!! Take care, Patti

Ang baylis said...

I'm SO excited to be able to meet you tomorrow! Lets talk Teri into joining us for Saturday! I met her in San Antonio! I'm calling you tomorrow!
Angie xoxo

Praise and Coffee said...

Love it, love it, love it!! Becky we are too close to not get together sometime, we will have to plan it!!

connorcolesmom said...

Becky Jo
You are just precious!
Thank you for de-lurking to say such sweet things about my hair!
You are a treasure
And I tell you there is NOTHING like a Siesta!!
I hope to meet you some day - soon!
Much love