Sunday, June 14, 2009

Project 365 - Weeks 21 & 22

Project 365

I didn't get the pictures up last week, so this time you get to see TWO weeks of our lives. I KNOW you're thrilled, huh?!

And, with that, here we go:

May 31 - Hattie actually allowed me to PAINT HER TOENAILS! I'm sorry to get so excited, but I gotta tell ya, it is a STINKIN MIRACLE at our house!!!!! And, to further my happiness, it looks like Soph is interested in it too! YAY!!!!

(PS - the shot I took on Sunday was accidentally deleted, so this was actually taken the NEXT day ... which explains the fact that Sophie is in the same outfit and the same position in the next one!)

June 1 - To further our foot suspension of the moment, here is Sophie desperately trying to get Belle's oh so tiny shoes on her big 'ol feet!

June 2 - The day of the great lockout drama of 2009 ... you will be glad to know that the damage to the window has been repaired and we are all none the worse for the wear...

June 3 - in an effort to NOT repeat said Lockout Drama, Sophie was sequestered to her chair a little early ... and stayed there so long she fell asleep. Poor baby! Good thing school is almost out for summer!

June 4 - In full rebellion of the chilly weather that REFUSES to get up on out of the 60's lately, I gave our bedroom a little summer makeover. Off with the thick heavy comforter, on with the light summer quilt. LOVE IT!!!

June 5 - Yeah, she IS that fierce ... don't mess with my girl.

June 6 - FINALLY, a beautiful day (I'd like to give full credit to my summer makeover!!) so we spent it outside. And, after looking through the pictures I have just one question ... WHERE IS MY BABY?!?!?!

June 7 - The anniversary of the day I married the finest man alive. I took pics of the two of us together but was unhappy with my own appearance in every last one of em, so HERE are the blueberry pancakes that I made for my man ... they are his FAVE!

June 8 - Hattie picked out her own clothes ... right down to the choice of head adornment ... a backpack. Can't say the girl is without style!

June 9 - Road trip to Chicago. Here we are on one of the quieter parts of the journey. Once we hit Chicago traffic, our calm and collected driver turned into a MANIAC!

June 10 - Hillsong United concert. Oh, the worship ... good stuff man!

June 11 - Union Station - we missed our train back and had to wait til 12:40 AM for the next one ... that next mornin came EARLY!

June 12 - On our way home - Belle's mommy (Miss Erica) was napping for two in the backseat! There is gonna be a new baby boy in August, and I cannot WAIT to meet him!

June 13 - The hands of the man I love as he makes plans to increase the non-existent storage space in this house. I LOVE these hands!

Stop by Sara's place for more pics ... and it is never to late to join us yourself!!!

5 of ya left some love:

skoots1mom said...

congrats on your new addition

great pics

love the toes!

Kim said...

I love my man's hands too. They can fix just about anything :-) And they're gentle and kind.

Lots of great photos. Too cute the toenails!

Have a great week!

sara said...

you have the same toe ring I do!!

great picture of the worship....I bet it was awesome!!!

and that HAT!!! so cute..she is one fierce little girl!!! :)

great 2 weeks, Becky Jo!!!

j said...

You took some great photos...I sleep just like Sophie (arms above the head!) She is getting soooo big. It's like it happened overnight! Great Chicago pics and love the photo of Steve's hands...Happy Anniversary RS!

TCKK said...

Love the red toes!!!!