Sunday, May 24, 2009

Project 365 - Week19

Project 365

Ummm, I do not want to alarm anyone, but ... it's Memorial Day Weekend.


Do you realize what this means? SUMMER is upon us! How did that happen so fast? Yikes, I MUST be getting old, 'cause all I can think about is the fact that time is FLYIN by me! **sigh**

Anyhoo ... here is our week:

May 17 - This is Sophie's latest vice. She likes to turn the oven light on and off and on and off and ... well, you get the idea. And as many times as she gets in trouble for this, she just goes right back and does it again. Now, so far it is just the light, but we are not takin any chances. Since this photo was taken, the knobs have all been removed.

Yeah, this one is gonna give us a run for our money...

May 18 - Three little girls wanted three different kids of sandwiches for lunch. Hattie - PBJ; Belle - toast with just jelly; Sophie - cheese (and yes, she ASKED for cheese!!!) The sad thing is, I let em get away with it and MADE them 3 different kinds of sandwiches.

May 18 - I usually workout before anyone else is up, but I was runnin late. Hattie, at first, just watched (and laughed at) me Shredding. Then, she flew across the room and jumped on my back mid plank thrust - OUCH!!!! - I was out for the rest of the workout, so look who took over for me.

FYI: until she saw the camera she was doing these double crunches in PERFECT form!

May 19 - It's getting harder and harder to wake this one up for school ... but how sweet is her sleepy little face?!

May 20 - Our oldest son Steven came into town for the spring hunt. These 3 faces look SO MUCH alike it is SCARY!!!!

And, of course, every little girl wants to be just like her daddy and big "budder"!!!

Gotta love a one year old girl in combat boots!!!

May 20 - My sweet friend Sue came over to work her magic on MY hair ... so, of course every little girl wants to be like her mommy! Sophie got hers trimmed up to!

May 21 - While the fellas go up hunting, the ladies usually get together as well. We had big plans but due to technical difficulties, we ended up at our house for a chick flick night!!!!!

And I am SOOOOOOO OK with that!!!

I hope you enjoyed the look at our week. And thank you, Sara, for hosting this fun activity! (Hop on over to Sara's place to see more!)

How was YOUR week?

5 of ya left some love:

sara said...

you must be on an upper level on the Shred because I didn't recognize that picture!!! I am still on level 1...ugh!

I love this picture of Sophie getting her hair's like she doesn't even realize it is going on!!!

So, the hunters should be back....did they get anything?

Dena said...

Great pictures! Love the one in the boots. She is so sweet.

I've ordered Shred but haven't tried it yet. The more I read about it, the more scared I get. LOL

Lisa said...

Its amazing how much kids watch us, isn't it (and want to be like us)? Very humbling.

You are a good mom for making three different sandwiches. Not sure I would have gone for that.

I can't believe its Memorial day, either!

Kim said...

That's a great picture of hubby with son and daughter hamming it up :-) All your photos are great. Looks like a fun (mostly -- except the OUCH! one) week with your family.

Memorial weekend there, 25 de Mayo here which is a big holiday. Gotta love those 3 day weekends.

j said...

My kids both loved to turn the stove light on and off. They still do it sometimes! Love the photo of Hattie exercising. Glad to hear you survived your weekend without you are glad to have hom back home!