Saturday, May 16, 2009

Project 365 Week 18

Project 365

I just want to thank Sara for hosting this little carnival over at her place. I have really enjoyed the daily reminder to capture so many sweet memories. And, I HOPE that you are enjoying reliving them with me!

Thanks Sara!

That being said, here is our week ...

May 11 - THIS is what handsome looks like.

And he still makes my heart go pitter-patt.


May 12 - This is a total cheater shot ... not only did I not take the picture, but it wasn't even taken on this day! HOWEVER, this was the day I stole it off of Kayla's MySpace page ... does that count?

May 13 - There is nothin quite like crackin open a new Bible Study/Devotional! ESPECIALLY when it is written by Beth Moore ...

May 14 - My Mother's Day roses still lookin beautiful, especially when reflecting the morning sun.

May 15 - Hubbs was still home when it came time for meeting the bus. He and Hattie had a bit of fun while waiting for the ride. How happy does she look?

May 16 - We have started a new thing here in B Manor. We each take one of the girls out to do somethin special one day a week. Today I took Sophie to get her portrait taken and Hubbs took Hattie out for ice cream. Here they are just getting home.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE that man?!?! Truly, I am so Blessed to share my life with not only an incredible husband, but also an AMAZING father to our children! I could not ask for more!

So, how was your week?

7 of ya left some love:

Kelly's Ideas said...

I love to see and read about happy marriages and happy families. Love the idea of taking each girl out on a "date".. I also love love Beth Moore.



sara said...

love these pictures!

You will be so happy you started this date tradition now while they are young! It will be so important when they are teenagers.

I so enjoy seeing daddys playing with their girls!! Those pictures just made me smile!!!

Lisa said...

You can't go wrong with a Beth Moore study, I don't think.

I love watching my husband with our girls. And i quite agree with you that yours is very handsome.

Kim said...

Great daddy and daughter pix this week!

rita said...

And beautiful mother/daughter photo! Enjoyed all your pictures and the 'sweet abundance' they reflect.

Becky said...

So much love! What a wonderful week. Great idea making special time with each girl.

j said...

Great photos this week. Let me know how you like your new devotional. I am looking for a new one...right now I am just doing the daily bread one to get by, and it is not enough. Love the last photo of Steve and Hattie.