Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So, I'm thinkin' I have now officially become the world's worst blogger. It seems all I have had time to do the last couple (oh, OK, FEW) weeks is post pictures with brief blurbs of description and call it keepin' up.

Pathetic ...

And then this week, not even that.

However, I do have an excuse. No, really ... stop rollin' your eyes and listen to me!


(I get so demanding when I am trying to plea my case, don't I?)

So, here's the thing. Well, actually, the thingS! Plural people, PLURAL! The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity and emotion for the B Bunch. We have been set on fast forward, runnin' mach 5 with our hair on fire and acting like chickens with our heads cut off.

And, quite frankly, I am still recovering from it all - all of which came to a head this weekend. So, I am gonna give you the bloggy rundown right here and now ... in list format.

Because, when you're tired, lists are soooooo much easier to format than, ya know, paragraphs and stuff.

Just keepin' it real here, just keepin' it real...

1. A few weeks ago I met with a social worker through the school system because some decisions need to be made for Miss Hattie for the next school year. We came up with a plan to try to get her placed in a program for children on the Autism Spectrum. The program is designed to provide INTENSE therapy, as well as to introduce them to mainstream classes and teach them to adapt and function and, hopefully, thrive in such an arena. All involved feel that she is extremely high functioning and WILL thrive if properly trained early enough.

The program, however, fills up quickly. So, thus began an intensive, high speed journey to get all paperwork, etc ... in order to get her into the program.

2. One of the best ways to get her into this program is to actually live in the school district. Which only served to add to the urgency of our house hunt. Now, not only were we trying to find a place to live before we are forced to walk away from the house, but we also had to be within this school district. AND we had to know WHERE we were going to be ASAP!

3. So, we did find a house and began preparations to move a 2600 square foot house of stuff (plus a full basement loaded to the gills with ... let's call it "stuff") into a 1200 SF house with NO basement! All the while trying to keep life semi normal for two little girls, one of who is in desperate NEED for normalcy.

4. Hattie, of course, caught on to the fact that somethin was up pretty quickly. It was no time at all before she resumed a long lost habit of never leaving the house without an armful of her belongings. Last time we moved it lasted for nearly a year. Please join us in praying that it doesn't take as long this time.

5. Two weeks ago we had THE meeting at Hattie's school. The one where we all signed the papers saying that "yes, this is the program we want her in and can you, pretty please squeeze her cute little hiney into the program, because, it is, indeed, LITTLE and I am SURE there is room for her there! Thank you very much!".

6. One week ago we had THE appearance to finalize our financial situation so that we could just be done with it already. Can I just tell you that the only words for that moment are "bitter sweet". Sweet, because it is over. Bitter, because it is over in this way.

Not easy, but God is on our side so we made it through and He lead the way.

Have I mentioned that God is faithful? Oh, yes He is. And if you do not know this for yourself, please contact me so we can chat. Please!

7. Last weekend, we moved. And moving is sooooo not fun. But we are here and we are good and the girls are comfortable here and loving playing in their own bedrooms - which are all on the same level.

Note to self - NO MORE STAIRS!!!!!

And, let me tell you - again - how good God is. Last week it rained - a LOT! Saturday and Sunday dry and semi mild weather graced our moving experience. Yesterday and today - SNOW. And cold. And YUCK! but did ya catch the part about the moving days being dry and mild? Yeah, He is just that stinkin' faithful!

Sunday our wonderful Home Group peeps came over to help us get settled in. They rearranged our living room at LEAST two dozen times before finally coming upon an arrangement that, no lie, makes the room look 10 times bigger than it did before. I am tellin 'you, it may seem like nothin' to you, but to this heart of mine it was nothin' short of the miracle of the fish and loaves. Truly! I am sooooo thankful for my fRamily!

By Sunday night though, I was startin to feel the effect of all the craziness. I started coughing like a fiend and by about 9:30, I was down for the count. My sweet hubbs let me veg out all day yesterday and point him toward the proper spots for all of the nails to be driven to hang the pictures around the house - AFTER he worked all day to get the wireless network up and runnin' so I could get back online. MAN, that was some serious hard stuff going all weekend without facebook and twitter!

And now, MOST of the pictures are hung, the girls rooms are totally put together and - as long as I do not look into the garage where there is a BOAT LOAD of stuff waiting to be sifted through - I am feeling pretty comfortable with where we are. Well, except for the hole in my tongue created by the twelve thousand four hundred and twenty seven cough drops I have ingested over the last couple of days!

Other than that, I'm good!

Because, and can I just tell you again, my God, He is THAT good!

And, you KNOW I have pictures ... but somewhere in that (did I mention scary) garage is the cord that connects the camera with the computer, thus allowing the downlaodinization of the pictures onto said computer for you all to see. And, seein as how that cord is in that garage ... well, pictures will have to wait. I hope that you understand.

So, that's about all I have on this end ...

What about you? How are ya?

Tell me, wassup?

4 of ya left some love:

Becky said...

Whew! Its too bad you had to get sick to catch a break. I hope everything works out for Hattie. My kids always take armloads of their stuff with them when we go somewhere... I thought it was normal. lol.

Don't worry about the pics, we'll live ;-)

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Wow - I'm just tired thinking about all this!

I will be praying for little Hattie.


Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

Oh girl, I am SO impressed with you and SO praying that the rest of your "settling in" goes smoothly.

Hang in there; it sounds like you're doing a GREAT job!

Meeghan said...

wow I thought I was busy...praying for the move and that hattie adjusts okay.