Sunday, January 18, 2009

Project 365 - Week 3

Project 365
Welcome back to Project 365! Have I mentioned that I am LOVING this?!?! Well, I am - sooo much! And I think it is gonna be great to look back at our year this way. In fact, I have been thinking that it would be fun to make a book of the pics in order, with the stories of each, for the girls to have when they get older - one for each of them. And I may even keep doing it for years to come ... Yeah, ask me again in July, right?

Well, here is our week:

Jan. 12 - We are looking for a new place to live (long story and one that I have been trying to write for a few weeks now ... it is coming, I promise!). This is the house we fell in love with on Monday ... at least I did! It is a 1920's farm house with quite a few updates, but still all of the old charm. THIS is a shot of the front entry hall - toille fabric on the wall ... this is the room that sealed the deal for me! We are just waiting to see if we get it!

Jan. 13 - this is what my house looked like at the end of this day ... and truthfully, I was so happy for the day to be done, that I just left it this way ... Shhhh, don't tell my mom!

Jan. 14 - Double Blessings: I needed a pick me up, it had been an emotional day. Within 15 minutes time, I found a bag of popcorn in the pantry and a post, by my PBFF Beth Moore, on her blog that was soooooo encouraging and uplifting! I LOVE that girl!

Jan. 15 - It was COLD y'all ... I had hoped for a snow day, but no such luck. I tried to get ya a picture of my little eskimo getting on the bus. However, it was SO COLD that my camera would not work outside. I had to run in and get the shot from the window as the bus was driving away. Didn't even have time to open the shades!!!

Jan. 16 - NO SCHOOL!!! And, of course, that means, PAJAMA DAY!!!! And, this is what happens when you put a certain fave movie of mine in the DVD player (Mamma Mia!!!) - little girls, and a big girl too, all start to DANCE!!!
Honey! Honey!!!

Jan. 17 - Hubbs surprised me with some Chinese food! He certainly knows the way to this girl's heart!!!

Jan. 18 - One of the moments that I live for - snuggle time on the couch with my man! Soph was napping and Hattie was playing happily by herself, so Hubby and I got a few moments in. Sadly, he caught Sophie's bug, so kissing was out, just snuggling!
Ah well, gotta take what I can get, ya know?!?!?!
So, how was YOUR week?!

11 of ya left some love:

Elizabeth said...

I love your living room shot! I went to bed a few times this week with a messy living room, kitchen, you name it. My mom would actually be proud!

I love the toile paper. My mom has it all through her house and I need some! Maybe in my next house:) The Chinese food is making me want some. Now.

Isn't snuggle time great? I hope you don't get sick:)

sara said...

good luck on the house!!!

I love the idea about putting all the pictures in a book at the end of the year!!! I am going to have to consider that!!

Becky said...

Your house looks totally normal to me... aren't toys strewn about normal decor for everyone? LOL.

And I love the bus pic. :-)

Fran said...

Love these pics Becky Jo. And, you know I'm praying for you. God is good. He is for you.


Dena said...

May I please borrow your dancers? I love watching Mamma Mia and now that my daughters have gone back to college, it's just not the same to dance around the room by myself. :)

Great pictures.

Lisa said...

I'm a big LPM fan, too. Always good stuff there.

Hope things work out for the house...that is a beautiful entry. The entry in our house is what sold me, too.

Edwina at The Picket Fence said...

I am a Grammy, and toys are always out and about at our house. We have our 5 year old Granddaughter who lives with us, so the toys never left... But we love them and we wouldn't trade our toys for anything...

Kim said...

Great idea about the book! And yeah, we take what we can get :-) Here's hoping you get the house!!! For me, I wanted this house as soon as I walked into the living room with two walls of windows :-) At the time didn't think about the HOURS AND HOURS of sewing it would take to make curtains for all of them! But I'm lovin' it.

j said...

Your toy-strewn house looks normal. I try to remind myself to enjoy these moments of little ones and little messes (after they are grown I can have a clean house for the rest of my life!)

Cute one of you and Steve's relaxing tootsies.

And love the Mamma Mia dancing pic. That's playing in our house as I type. But Brooke's favorite is the "Jep-ski" song (AKA: The "Jet Ski" song or "Lay all your love on me.")

Looks like a fun typical week...thanks for sharing.

calista said...

Those are fun days, minus the sickness ya know.

Ang baylis said...

I LOVE this project and I LOVE your pictures! It's nice to sneak into my friends' lives! Thanks for taking the time. Hope you are well!
Angie xoxo