Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Amazing Randomness Of A Pressure Cooked (and hungry) Mom

My mind is a little too cluttered to think of sitting down and righting a full on post with, ya know, paragraphs and proper punctuation and stuff. Therefore, I will just give you a random list of what is up here in B manor ...

*If, when changing a certain one year old darling girl, you are not quick enough with the re-diapering and dressing portion of the task, ya get this ...
(she likes to exercise her newly perfected running skills!)

*Last night was the annual Ladies Christmas Banquet at church ... LOVED IT! My lovely buddy SuperModel gave an amazingly touching devotional (cried)!! The music was fantabulous and two special girls did a GREAT dance to "Breath Of Heaven". Wonderful night!

*Had a meeting with Hattie's teacher yesterday that I was dreading. Last year they were desperately trying to get me to put a label on her (autism) - which I have been fighting. This year, however, she is doing soooo much better. Still not sure about the big K next year, but not so much pushing her toward a more severe program.

*Had some major stress lifted off our shoulders this morning. I will have to really let ya in on it all later - calls for a more serious post. Suffice it to say that though we are just at the beginning of the journey (and it will be a hard, heartbreaking journey), I am content knowing that the journey has begun. Remind me of that later - K?

*Sweet Vicki Sue got the news yesterday that her cancer is in remission - PRAISE HIM!!!!!!

*I have some serious house cleaning to do ... and I do mean serious. Stuff will be sold, donated, trashed and, in general, gotten rid of. Not looking forward to that :(

*So very thankful for the fRamily that is getting us through all of this craziness (still gotta wait for details ... longer post, remember?) - do NOT know what I would do with out my church family!

*SOOOOO excited for Christmas.

*SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not ready for Christmas

*Christmas is all about Jesus - let's not forget that, shall we?

*Had to downgrade our cable on Sat., why is it that it takes them a month to get you the channels you want and all of two seconds to take them away. Seriously, could they not have waited til AFTER the movie was over? Oh, and all of my Bravo, TLC, ABC Family and Lifetime friends, I will miss you. ~sigh~ FaLaLaLa Lifetime, I will miss your Christmas joy! TNT - guess we will have to put our "A Christmas Story" DVD on repeat this year, can't watch it on your station... bummer:(

*Hattie just told her toy to stop being so silly, 'cause "this is serious". Umm, Wonder Pets much?

*Sophie took a serious tumble the other day. Gave us a stinkin' heart attack. The doors in this house were all hung incorrectly and Hubby has managed to get MOST of them to at least close. However, the door to the basement does not always latch. Such was the case on Monday. She made it down part way safely and then we heard a few thuds followed by loud screaming. A bump on the head, bloody nose and scrape on the cheek, but other than that she is fine. Scary though - and left us feeling like parents of the year! Took a trip to Walmart that evening to get a hook for the basement door.

*I know that "Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet", but sometimes, I would just like a flood light!

*However, coming from His hand, I would gladly take a lightening bug to light the way!

That's about all I got for now. Must get to cleaning while Sophie is sleeping. That girl likes to dump containers out!


5 of ya left some love:

Rebecca Jo said...

OHHH - I would be so lost without TLC... Life without Stacy & Clinton - I would panic!!! :-)

Love a running one year old in the middle of a diaper change... my nieces were so bad - they'd get their diapers on then take off running & tear them off & then keep running.... no keeping clothes on them!

Becky said...

Seriously, I am so with ya on the downgrading cable (ours is dish) My Love called to step it down while I was in the middle of a show. I told him next time I was gonna call during his "big game" ;-) And I was looking forward to abc family 25 days of Christmas , too. Oh well, at least I still have Hallmark.

We love the Wonder Pets here. Did you see the nutcracker special? Too cute.

I'm glad Sophie is ok after the scary tumble. More for you than her though, I'd imagine. I've won lots of "parent of the year awards"

calista said...

love those pudgy little thighs...LOL

Aron, Erica, & Isabelle said...

oh wow...I really want to squeeze that bum!!! so cute. And I love your randomness!

j said...

Loved reading all of your random silly and profound thoughts. You are fun, inspiring, genuine and simply beautiful!